You Are Planning to Give a Presentation in Your Large Company

You are planning to give a presentation in your large company. Write a letter to your colleague asking for help; In the letter, you should:

  • When and where will the presentation be?
  • What is the presentation about?
  • What would you like your colleague to do?

Dear Mr. Wilson,

I am writing to you to seek your co-operation in giving me tips and other tactics regarding a presentation, in which I am going to take part.

Let me tell you that the presentation will be delivered in a meeting room of our company. It is spacious enough that it can accommodate maximum employees. Also, being equipped with essential amenities such as an air-conditioner, overhead projector, and mics on each table make it convenient to deliver presentations there. Moreover, the schedule of the meeting is in the evening at 5. Therefore, everybody would be free and can take part in it. It will last for an hour.

Suffice to say that the presentation will be about effective planning. Many times, it had been observed that some staff members get failed to execute their planning and resultantly a company loses its valuable customers and reputation. Thus, it is a pressing issue that needs to be resolved soon. Besides, the staff will enhance their knowledge of how to avoid procrastination and get achievement with effective planning.

It would be great if you could come to visit me at my home. I have arranged all the things for practice; but, I need your assistance in upgrading my morale. As you have given many presentations, so, you can make me correct, where will I be wrong?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,

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