You Forgot Your Bag in The Gym, and The Gym Management Announced

You forgot your bag in the gym, and the gym management announced that it would be closed for a week for some renovation work. You need your bag as it has important things in it. Write a letter to the manager of the gym. In your letter,

  • Introduce yourself and describe your position
  • Give them a description of your bag
  • Tell them what you want them to do

Dear sir,

I am a regular member, and I am writing to inform you that I forgot my bag in your gym. It is a red leather bag with the logo ‘Coca-Cola’ on the front with a fancy white pocket on the left side. Inside was a drivers license, a small brown wallet with my passport photograph, a Guarantee Trust Bank credit card and my gym membership card. 

There was also 2000 naira in cash. I think I forgot the bag at around 10 a.m; while I rushed to the restroom to wash my face on Tuesday 3rd August, and I believe I left it on the shelf while leaving the restroom.  

Could you please let me know if a bag fitting this description has been found? My contact details are; 25, Brooks Lane, Maitama. I can also be reached on +23480664322. If it is found, please keep it in a safe place, and I will arrange to collect it at your earliest convenience before your renovation kick-starts.

I look forward to hearing from you.                                                

Thank you.

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