Young People Who Commit Crimes Should Be Treated the Same as Adults by The Authorities

Young people who commit crimes should be treated the same as adults by the authorities. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

I tend to agree with this view. I believe that the punishment should vary according to age, gender, and circumstances under which the crime is committed (with few exceptions like self-defence, all rapest and murder should be hang only). Ideas articulated further in this discourse will support my stand and, at the same time, highlight certain contradictory views that others in society might have.

The primary reason for my juvenile belief crimes should not be treated as adult criminals is because of bad influence. Kids can also start unfair activities in life. As children, they can’t distinguish between wrong and right things, but they can be given a chance to change their life by getting proper education and skill development in the rehabilitation centre. A study shows that about 80% of the kids who left the remand home never went back to the crime world.

Furthermore, the reason for me to uphold my view is if juniors are not kept with big lawbreakers, then they can start doing big offences. As we all know, the company is the main thing which shapes your character. For instance, all the major crime planning and plotting happen in the jail only.

On the other hand, there are individuals in society who are of the outlook that all criminals should be given the same treatment. One of the possible reasons for this belief is people think gangster starts with small crimes only from an early age. Just as the most wanted gangster Daud Ebrahim.

To conclude, in my opinion, adults and teenagers both can not be treated the same before the law as they might be in the wrong contact or have a social problem.

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