An Increasing Number of People Are Choosing Cosmetology Surgery to Improve Their Appearance

An increasing number of people are choosing cosmetology surgery to improve their appearance. What are the reasons? Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

Recently, there has been a trend: Humans are taking advantage of medical science to improve their body parts from what they originally appeared in with the help of cosmetology surgery. In my opinion, this is a negative development. However, cosmetology is vital in situations like injury or fire burns. In the following paragraph, we will discuss why it is trending nowadays and how it negatively impacts society.

Cosmetology surgery is creating a big business as this is the internet and social media era, and everyone wants to look good. Furthermore, all ordinary people have a significant influence on movie stars. And these stars are trending in the media for their appearance. Moreover, when people know that they have undergone multiple surgical procedures to improve their body parts or enhance their skin colour, they instantly get influenced and willing to do the same.

One of the key issues people don’t realize is that it requires a vast amount of money; consequently, these surgeries are not always successful and have a lot of side effects too. On the contrary, these natives are so desperate to change their appearance and look good that they take the loan for these surgeries and fall into society’s trap. Finally, when they cannot repay the loan, they get distracted and choose the wrong path, which ruins their job and sometimes life. Furthermore, they might get other side effects on the body, which make their body more ugly than beautiful because they get depressed and demotivated for an extended period.

To conclude, cosmetic surgery is beneficial in emergencies, such as accidental cases or fire burns, where body parts and skin need to be repaired to get an everyday life. Still, this medical advantage is misused these days to look more attractive or sound, which should not happen. People should accept their appearance as what they are. Everyone is beautiful in their way.

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