Many Developing Countries Require Aid from International Organizations to Grow

Many developing countries require aid from international organizations to grow. Many people think that this aid should be financial, while others believe practical aid and advice are useful. Discuss both views, and give your own opinion.

International organizations such International Monetary Fund, United Nations and USAID serve as a support system to help grow countries that fall short in any of their sectors ranging from education, agriculture and others. In many developing countries, they tend to rely on these Organizations to provide aid when they come short of finances to combat the challenges faced by the country. Some individuals believe this aid should be financial, whilst others think practical aid and advice are more useful. I will be dissecting both views and will give my opinion, which I stand to correct will go for the latter.

On the one hand, aid in the form of finances helps to actualize short term goals. Most developing countries such as Mali, Ghana, Uganda, Somalia and others tend to have a government system that operates in the laissez-faire economic system requiring funds to implement their policies and in terms of infrastructures that are either lacking or inadequate to support their population. An example is a country that has been hit by natural disasters such as tsunami or earthquakes will prefer to have aid in the form of finances to combat its current crisis.

On the other hand, others believing that practical aid and advice are more users tend to stabilize the economy in the long run. With respect to this, countries that opt for this option tend to maximize the benefits in the long run as it’s dealing with an aspect of getting training in the areas where the country fall short of, thereby asking advice and getting the practical techniques from these international organization to sharpen the skill set of the citizen. This aid to solve problems that arise in the country, thus not relying on these Organizations to provide aid whenever the government do not perform or utilize the available resources.

Secondly, it enables high productivity. When practical aid is preferred, countries from the developing zone create awareness of technicalities used to establish jobs other than its citizens depending solely on the government to provide jobs which is quite the nature of these developing countries. A piece of advice could be the utilization of the capitalist economy approach used by most developed countries, which can be taught to the incoming countries to bring about a productive system rather than aid in terms of monetary which are disbursed in the pocketically, handicapped officials.

In conclusion, from the above-stated points, it could be seen that both aids have their own benefits as disbursed by the international organizations. In my opinion, I believe practical aid and advice are more useful than financial aid as it helps a country to be more productive in the long run and help to solve their own challenges rather than depending on these organizations for every aid to combat their crisis.

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