As Transport and Accommodation Problems Are Increasing in Many Cities

As transport and accommodation problems are increasing in many cities, some governments are encouraging businesses to move to rural areas. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Sample Answer of As Transport and Accommodation Problems Are Increasing in Many Cities

We are living in a modern world where urbanization has seen hastening growth. Most of the large-scale industries and relatively small industries are located in tier-1 cities. To get the Employment opportunities and better way of living people are moving from other places near cities. Because of this, Cities are seeing Spike in population growth which leads to an Increase in Traffic and lack of accommodation. For the people who are coming to the cities, this becomes a hectic task to handle for the government. So, they are escalating some businesses to near local rural areas. I could see this has its own advantage apart from minute disadvantages which are negligible.

Every individual thinks of leading a better life. To get better employment and a better way of living people are migrating to cities from their villages. If the government encourages the development of new businesses in rural areas, people living in rural areas can stay in their hometown rather than go outside of their place. The Standard of living for the rural people will be increased, and Infrastructural developments will come as the government will provide subsidies to the investors who invest in rural areas.

As a result, it leads to more employment and decreases the unemployment curve. Equal opportunities can dissolve the inequalities of rural and urban people. Everyone will be treated the same. Decentralization of development will balance the economy and population of rural and urban. Due to this, people will stop Migrating, which improves in lowering the population density in one area concentrated.

Some argue that New Businesses will take away the lands from the farmers; this affects the farming in rural areas, which is the main means of employment. But these things can be handled by the government by keeping regulations and allocating non-cultivation lands, which reduces the loss of cultivation lands. Still, everyone has to notice that once villages are now cities, development is normal, but this should be done in a transparent way.

I conclude the advantages weighed the disadvantages as people will get all the facilities. People who are living in rural areas will get a better way of living, and Most importantly, the unemployment problem will be solved. The migration of people which decreases the higher populated cities, and balance will be established.

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