Describe a Village Near Your Hometown

Describe a village near your hometown 

  • – What is it
  • – Where is it
  • – When you went there
  • – Describe your experience there

I belong to the small town of Ludhiana. It is on the National Highway 44 between Jalandhar and Ludhiana. There are many villages near my hometown. But here, I would like to talk about village Playfer, which is the most hi-tech village in India. Actually, our school took us for a visit to the Playfer village, last year.

I was awed to see the village. This village developed so much because of the efforts of the NRIs of this village. The local people of the village set up an NGO – National Rural Development Society. This NGO has transformed the lives of 3800 people. This NGO is providing free internet to all residents.

There is a big soundproof community hall, which can accommodate more than 1000 people. There is a stadium and a polytechnic also in the village. It has a well-maintained public park and an energy park. It is the only village in Punjab, which runs almost entirely on renewable energy sources.

Street lights, water heaters, pumps, cookers – everything is solar. People have smokeless chollas and biogas plants in their homes. No wonder, it is called the energy village. Palahi fills people with pride. The village makes you think big; it makes you feel small. This village surely knows how to dream. I remember we were all very inspired by the visit to this village

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