Children Today Play Very Violent Games. Writing Task 2

Children today play very violent games. This must be the reason for the increase in violence and crime in most major cities of the world. What are your opinions on this?

Of late, violent games has been becoming a prevailing concern in a significant part of the world. A sea change has witnessed that Compared to past occurrence of offences mostly inspired by such kind of games have increased. The following paragraph will elucidate two points of view for this notion and propose a personal opinion.

To commence with the statement, There is a dramatic increment in crime because of violent games. There are myriad things to be shared in its favour. First and foremost, such kinds of games are mostly played by individuals having an age group between 14 to 20 years. Hence, brainwashing can easily take place, because of this children may try to play such kinds Of activities in their real life. For example, the games like Ping, which contain the use of dangerous weapons and car theft, by seeing this pupil willing to play such things with their friends.

Shifting towards the second school of thought, children who play games in the vision of their guardians may know the difference between the game and real life. Due to this awareness, they think before doing offensive activities.

In my account, there are a few ways by which children may take away from doing offences due to games. There are myriad games that contain human killing, car theft, Army strike etc. Game developers should avoid the involvement of human characters in the games because that idea of human murder was not the spark in the brain of a child. Moreover, 3 D offensive games should be avoided so realistic factors can be reduced from the game.

To conclude, such kinds of offensive games can be played by considering safety factors as well and in that vision of guardians.

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