Describe a Bag You Want to Own

Describe a bag you want to own

  • What kind of bag it is,
  • Where you want to buy it,
  • How much it will cost you,
  • Why do you want this kind of bag

Sample Answer of Describe a Bag You Want to Own

Nowadays great increase has been seen in every business and study opportunity, and we all are associated with one of these. Therefore, we need to go outside for study or business purposes, so we need to carry our clothes, and daily essential things hence beg become important nowadays. Here I’m describing one of the begs which I like to purchase which I show online site named as Amazon as well as bag is also available in a shop near my home in addition to that one of my friend recently brought the same bag. Basically, this beg is of red colour and offer security as well. So anyone can not open this beg without a password or code. Moreover, this bag is cost around 15 thousand, which is beyond my capacity at present because as I m intern and I do not have such income to buy this beg, but in the near future, I love to purchase this bag after completing my graduation and getting experience for some weeks I want to study further in a foreign land so I can use my favourite bag to carry my all things when I go abroad for my studies.

Follow-ups of Describe a Bag You Want to Own

Question 1:- Why do you think women like to buy bags?

Answer- As every woman like to do makeup when they go outside. So they need to carry various beauty-related things hence beg important to carry this thing and so that every woman like to buy different bags.

Question 2:- Is the backpack practical in life?

Answer- Yes, of course, a backpack is practical because it is helpful for carrying a book when we go to school and used to carrying our clothes when we go outside.

Question 3:- Why are some people willing to buy expensive bags?

Answer- Some people love to buy expensive bags because cheap bag contains cheap materials, do not provide security facility, and are of limited fashion; therefore, many people like to buy expensive bags for good quality material and for fashion.

Question 4:- In the future, what changes will bags have?

Answer- Well in the future bay may be more huge and provide facilities for charge mobile and improvement in security system may be observed in future.

Question 5:- Why do children need to carry a uniform schoolbag?

Answer- In school, Every child has a different economic background, and if children may carry different bags, then it may lead to some children having cheaper bags than others which cause partiality.

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