Describe a Challenging Thing You Have Done: Recent Speaking Cue card

Describe a challenging thing you have done. You should say:

  • when you did it?
  • why you did it?
  • how you handled this challenge?
  • and explain why you thought it was challenging.

Sample Answer of Describe a Challenging Thing You Have Done

Challenges can show your potential and way to success in anything you want in life. Many people spend half of life in the challenges they face and trying to solve them. As a result, I will take an opportunity to talk about my experience where there was a part of my life that was challenging. It was about my family.

Work in Africa since 2016, and my dad and mom were staying alone in India; however, they are also getting old and need my attention. There was a day when my dad and mom went to get a vaccine back in 2021. after they got the vaccine, they fell sick in 24 hr. It was suspected as normal, and I later discovered my dad was exposed to COVID-19. I was completely shocked and felt unhealed.

So having no money in my pocket was my challenge, and that, too, my dad was not getting any room or single bed for the admitting hospital as it was fully booked due to covid patients. I wanted to do it badly since my dad was at the stake of his life.

To handle it, I started calling people to form my contact to get information about the Remdesivir vaccine that was unavailable then. However, after a big struggle, I finally got the vaccine in two days. Well, we needed more than 5.

I took advantage in Africa and searched for vaccination sent with my friend through flight overnight to save his life. It was a thought because of money I didn’t have in my pocket. I got each help from everyone by convincing them about money.

I promised them to give the money back later once I had; however, I could give it to them within the time frame. It was also tough when my dad wasn’t getting a room in the hospital. My friend helped a lot during that time to get a bed. I was in touch with them throughout the process.

Part 3 Follow-Up Questions Describe a Challenging Thing You Have Done

Question 1. What challenges do young people face today?

Answer – The challenge they face is guidance and how to implement the proper use of something, which is important. They are not experienced and also face the challenge of spending time with experienced people, e.g. spending time with family, which many of them fail to do.

Question 2. How do (young people) handle challenging tasks?

Answer – They generally seek help from someone, and if they got they implement it. Nowadays, suppose they aren’t connected with many people. In that case, however, they take help from social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Twitter where they put a blog or vlog searching to help many people respond. In this way, many people come across the same problem, discuss it over the platform, and give solutions to each other.

Question 3. Which do you think is better, to face these difficulties and challenges alone or to seek the help of others?

Answer – Both have their own advantages. Doing it alone will give you a wide range of knowledge well. Seeking help from others will not expose you to other options, but the work will be done. However, it depends on time and how fast you need work to be done.

Question 4. Do you think people need to be challenged?

Answer – Yes, everyone in life once comes across a challenge. as said, you can perform and show an ability to handle the situation when something is pressuring you. Some need to be challenged to get the best out of them, which is important for life and a better future.

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