Describe a Member of A Team that You Know About

Describe a member of a team that you know about. You should say:

  • What team is it?
  • What role in the team this does person play?
  • and explain why you like him/her.

Sample Answer of Describe a Member of A Team that You Know About

I’ve been involved in the welfare Team for the adjudicating process of Carnival Calabar, this happens every year, and it’s a big festival. I have worked with a number of people, let’s say 20, in my team, and I’d like to talk about a team member. Her name is joy, she is second in command, and she’s the closest friend of our team leader.

I admire joy because she’s very hardworking and dedicated. Our work involves taking care of the needs of the adjudicators, and we provide them with food, drinks, medicine and writing materials. Despite living far from the carnival venue, she manages to show up first every day before any other member. Being the best friend of our team leader, we already know joy won’t get any queries if she arrives late, but she doesn’t mind all that. Her friendship with our team leader doesn’t get in the way of her duties and responsibilities, which she’s been paid for.

Whenever there’s excess food and drinks, some team members hide it for personal use and won’t account for it, and they even steal some items. However, Joy doesn’t take anything if it’s not shared generally by our team leader or the Boss we commonly report to at the end of the day’s activities.

I’m glad her integrity finally paid off when we were asked to vote for a new team leader two months ago, and everyone unanimously voted for Joy. So, She has become the new leader and has set a good standard for all members of the welfare Team, and I’m happy she got the role. It was a well-deserved victory.

Part 3 Follow up Questions Describe a Member of A Team that You Know About

Question 1. In a team, is it more important to pursue individual development or to achieve team targets?

Answer – Team targets should be the goal of every team member because as they all work together for a collective goal, individual development is inevitable.

Question 2. Do you think it’s essential for children to join teams to learn to cooperate with others?

Answer – Yes. I don’t think so, and I agree it’s vital for kids to join teams. This will teach them how to work well in a team, help them socialize and learn faster. It will also promote healthy competition among their peers and prepare them for their future careers.

Question 3. Do you think disagreements among team members greatly influence teamwork?

Answer – It depends on the level of disagreements. Minor ones, which could be a result of conflicting opinions, are normal because everyone cannot have the same view of everything. These can be resolved amicably, and a consensus can be reached. But damaging disagreements resulting from jealousy, unhealthy competition and hidden grudges cause major rifts. They will definitely have a bad influence on their performances individually and the team as a whole if it’s not handled correctly.

Question 4. Can you suggest how teamwork could be cultivated in classes at school?

Answer – I’d say it basically starts from the teachers, and this is primarily due to the fact that School Children are a collection of pupils from different families with different orientations. It’s now part of the teacher’s duty to unite them and sensitize them on the importance of teamwork and the need to accommodate each other. Children should be made to play in small groups, eat in small groups and do class work in groups as well, and this will go a long way, I believe.

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