Describe a Computer/Phone Game You Have Enjoyed Playing Since Your Childhood

Describe a computer/phone game you have enjoyed playing since your childhood

  • What the game is about,
  • When you started playing it,
  • How often do you play this game,
  • Why do you enjoy playing it

Sample Answer of Describe a Computer/Phone Game You Have Enjoyed Playing Since Your Childhood

Well, in the nineties, we were not having such facilities available as this generation’s kids have. Because technology was not that developed 20 years ago. I mostly played outdoor games when I was a kid.

It was in 2004 when I got my first mobile which was Nokia 1100, and I used to play the snake game a lot on my mobile. That time I was in my first year staying alone in PG, so this was the best time pass for me.

I used to play every day at night, especially after finishing my homework. That time it became like a routine for me every day. I used to play before sleeping. After a few years, I got addicted to another game which was temple run. But that time, I was young, not a kid.

Follow- ups of Describe a Computer/Phone Game You Have Enjoyed Playing Since Your Childhood

Question 1. What is the impact of teen addiction to games?

Answer:- The main impact on teens of game addiction is their studies are getting hammered. They are not concentrating on their academics as well as their personal and social life, which will affect their future.

Question 2. Should parents or teachers take necessary action to prevent children from playing games?

Answer:- Of course, they must take necessary actions in order to control these habits. They should be allowed to play, but for a limited period of time only instead, they should be encouraged for outdoor games which will keep their body fit.

Question 3. What do you think are the benefits of playing games?

Answer:- There are some drawbacks along with benefits. If I talk about the benefits computer games help them in brightening their computer knowledge, they make them faster thinkers, quick decision-makers. But I believe in excess of everything is bad, so it must be played limited.

Question 4. Why have games been popular amongst teenagers in recent years?

Answer:- The main reason for this is developing technology, Cheap internet availability, online platforms, other social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc., touch screen mobiles availability etc.

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