Talk About a Time when You Felt Bored

Talk about a time when you felt bored.

  • When it was,
  • Who you were with,
  • What you were doing,
  • Why do you feel bored

Sample Answer of Talk About a Time when You Felt Bored

I faced a lot of situations when I felt bored, but here I would like to talk about a time when I really felt very bored. Actually, last year we went to my friend marriage Simran, and she is my best friend, so that’s why she invited our family members as well.

So we were excited on that day because my friend invited us on marriage which was in goa as his family members fixed his marriage and that is the reason we went over there, so we started our all packing one week ago and then we went over there just two days ago because the travelling took one day almost as .on the day of the journey my mother get up early in the morning and also packed some food for travelling, and also we packed same clothes for wedding day .and we all friends prepared unique dance to present in front of my friend and also in front of his family members, so we reached over there at late night, and we did lots of gossips related to marriage as well as regarding our school days, and then we ate dinner, and then we went to the room to sleep, and after that, we woke up about 5 o’clock at the day of marriage and ready to go near about 8 o’clock and then we went to the marriage Palace. 

We saw that my friend also invited some foreign relatives, so the all foreign relatives started dancing to English songs as we did not know how to dance to English songs we just listened to English songs that’s why we felt very bored, and after some time one of our friends suggested to play Punjabi songs, but no one agreed to play so we found very bored and on next day we came back to our home, and I told the whole story to my other classmates, and after one month I told the story to my new bride friend, and then they felt very sad and promised me to give a grand party so after six months. They both came to our village, and we did a party and enjoyed ourselves a lot, so that was a time we felt very bored, but after six months my friend converted this sadness into happiness.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Time when You Felt Bored

Question 1:- When do people feel bored?

Answer:- Most of the time people feel bored when they are free from any type of work and also when they are not doing things which they want to do.

Question 2:- What can people do when they feel bored?

Answer:- According to my people can listen to different types of songs like English Punjabi and Hindi songs to enjoy themselves, so this is the greatest way, and also people can go outside For enjoyment.

Question 3:- Do people get bored with daily routines?

Answer:- Yes, most people feel bored with their daily routine, so people can convert their boredness while using different types of modes for enjoyment like listening songs and going outside and also they can enjoy with their family members.

Question 4:- Is it easier for younger people to feel bored than for the old?

Answer:- Yes young people are bored Easily As compared to older one’s because older people spend their time while reading a newspaper and while doing talks with their friends but young people spend their time in front of the internet for example when the internet data is used completely, and then that time they feel very bored because they don’t have anything to do

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