Describe a Couple Who You Think Have a Happy Marriage.

Describe a Couple Who You Think Have a Happy Marriage.

  • Who Are They?
  • How Do You Know Them?
  • What They Usually Do Together?

One has rightly said that couples are made in heaven. 🌈 I’ve observed many couples in my life, including my parents, who lead a happy married life through cooperation and understanding between them.

Today, however, I want to talk about a couple that truly captivates me: my cousin brother Simranjeet Singh Kahlon and his wife Anshu Kaur Kahlon. In their relationship, I see everything that is essential for a happy married life, such as love, care, understanding, cooperation, and more.

My cousin brother and his wife are highly educated individuals who have worked tirelessly to achieve their goals in life. Both are IAS officers, holding some of the highest positions in the Civil Services of India. 🏛️

My cousin is appointed as a Deputy Commissioner in Tamil Nadu, while his wife serves as an Assistant Commissioner in the Excise Department of India in New Delhi.

Their relationship is marked by mutual cooperation and a deep understanding of each other. I have never witnessed them arguing or fighting.

They respect each other’s feelings and despite being IAS officers, they are humble and down-to-earth. They do not let their high-ranking positions inflate their egos.

Both believe in the principle of ‘simple living and high thinking’ and navigate their life smoothly, supporting each other through thick and thin. 🤝 I pray for their continued happiness and believe that everyone can learn from their example.

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Q-1: Do you often attend weddings?

Ans: Yes, of course, I often attend weddings because they not only provide an opportunity to meet our near and dear ones but also serve as an enjoyable way to spend leisure time. So, whenever I receive an invitation, I definitely make it a point to attend. 💒

Q-2: What do you think is the perfect age for marriage?

Ans: The ideal age for marriage varies from person to person, as some individuals settle down earlier in life while others take longer. Once a person is settled and ready, they should consider marriage. The average age for marriage might ideally be 21 to 24 for women and 25 to 28 for men. 💍

Q-3: Do people celebrate weddings in the same way?

Ans: No, not at all. People celebrate weddings in various ways, depending on their financial condition and personal preferences. Each person or family celebrates in a manner that reflects their financial capability and cultural values. 🎉

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