Describe a Creative Inventor or Scientist You Know About

Describe a creative inventor or scientist you know about.

  • Who this person is/was?
  • What this person does/did?
  • How you know this person?
  • And explain why you think this person is a creative scientist or inventor.  

There are a lot of inventions made by various scientist in the past century. But if we talk about the most popular scientist then only one name is come and that is Albert Einstein. I would like to share my words briefly about Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein was most popular scientist who gave us plenty of inventions and made our life way so easier. He has dedicated his all life working on various technologies. In 1937, he revealed that universe is not constant, it is continuously expanding. Moreover, he invented light bulb and did so many improvements in other inventions such as Grahm’s telephone.

At childhood, he got failed many times in the primary standards and got out from his school hearing that he is so dull. But actually, he did everything after understanding its concept and he continued his study at his home.

He then regarded by all top awards of the world. Now, every person who has a bit knowledge about the world, knows about Albert Einstein. Today, if we can see at night with the help of bulb, become able to start space research, it just happen only because of Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein’s thought is still popular in all over the world which is ‘a person who never makes mistake, will never learn anything new.’ without him, the world would be worse beyond our thinking.

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