Describe a Creative Person Whose Work You Admire: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe a creative person whose work you admire. You should say:-

  • What was the decision?
  • When you made the decision?
  • How long did it take you to make the decision?
  • And explain why it was a difficult decision to make.

Sample Answer of Describe a Creative Person Whose Work You Admire: Recent Speaking Cue Card

I think I m lucky because I have so many creative people around me from whom I can learn, but today, I m going to describe two creative people I admire most. One of them is my mother. I think she is god gifted. She can make any dish delicious.

She can experiment with any word. Not only cooking, but she is very creative in plating as well. I always click pictures of food which she plates with new ideas. She cuts the salad into different shapes, and then she pates it in the form of a bird or flower shape.

Another person whom I admire most is dr final. She is my colleague. I have learnt a lot from her related to dentistry. She is not only good at dentistry, but she makes beautiful paintings and resin art. She gifted me one of her paintings on my birthday. The painting is of lord shiva and his reflection in the water, which shows different shiva forms, a very new concept.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Creative Person Whose Work You Admire: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Question 1:- What decisions do people generally make in their daily life?

Answer – I think people schedule their work for the whole day and also decide what they will make for lunch and dinner today. It is the most challenging task to decide every day what to eat.

Question 2:- Which is easier, making a decision by oneself or making a decision after a group discussion?

Answer – It becomes easier to decide when you take guidance from your parents, teachers, or friends. They can remove your confusion and guide you on the right path because they have more experience.

Question 3:- Why are many young people unwilling to listen to their parent’s advice?

Answer – I guess the generation gap is playing a role here, May. Young people think that their parents and their ideas are old-fashioned and these ideas don’t work in today’s era. Also, young people are influenced by peer pressure which could also be the reason for ignoring parents’ advice.

Question 4:- Why do middle-aged people tend to second guess their decision?

Answer – I think middle-aged people can look back at the choices they made in the past, and sometimes the choices are not correct, so they lose self-confidence and tend to guess their decision second.

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