Describe a Crowded Place You’ve Been To: Speaking Part 2

Describe a crowded place you’ve been to. You should say:

  • When you went there?
  • Where the place is (or was).
  • Who you went there with?
  • And explain how you felt about the place.

Sample Answer of Describe a Crowded Place You’ve Been To

There are countless crowded places in the world. And in recent times, as the population of the world increases, so does the crowding of our surroundings. I visited the beach at Elmina to buy fish with my dad; this was my first time going to such a place. In fact, I was amazed at the huge number of people I found myself in. That faithful day was the market day at the place, and people from all walks of life were there to purchase something. The multitude of people was so dense that I could hardly locate my dad. I felt very bad, though.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Crowded Place You’ve Been To

Question 1:- Why do a lot of people enjoy going to crowded places?

Answer: most times, crowded places are filled with fans, which attracts people from the length and breadth of places.

Question 2:- Where (or what) would you say is the most crowded place in your city?

Answer: The area with lots of pedestrians is Elmina, where major fishing activities are going on. That is, fishermen bring fish from the sea and fishmongers and other neighbouring residents come around to buy from them.

Question 3:- Would you say it’s important for a city to have amusement (and/or recreational) facilities?

Answer: Yes, having entertainment centres in a town is paramount as this helps people release stress after a hard day’s work.

Question 4:- Why do you think people choose to live in big cities (despite certain problems)?

Answer: Individuals decide to reside in urban places because there are a plethora of opportunities in these regions for both young and old.

Question 5:- How do you think cities overseas are different from those in your country?

Answer: most towns abroad have effective ways of controlling their waste systems when compared to our local cities, where the accumulation of waste materials and littering is much more common here.

Question 6:- Would you say urban planning is important?

Answer: Certainly yes, this is essential to give the town an attractive view as there would be a proper layout of buildings. This prevents slums. Also, this helps prevent any future disasters, such as flooding, that might result from poor town planning.

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