Some Companies Sponsor Sports And Sports Stars To Promote themselves

Some Companies Sponsor Sports And Sports Stars To Promote themselves Some Believe it is Good, While others Believe it Has Disadvantages. Both Views And Opinions.

Recently, firms have tended to bear the cost of specific sporting activities or famous sports personnel. While some people believe that is a positive trend, others perceive that it has drawbacks. This essay shall strongly subscribe to the former as this can massively promote the brand of sponsoring firms.

On the other hand, managing the affairs of sporting activity is a way of promoting the firm’s brand. Undoubtedly, all sporting events attract the public’s interest, both rich and poor, .who utilize them as a source of entertainment and relaxation. Because of that, when these supporters realize that a particular company is supporting such a game by providing funding, they automatically fall in love. They then patronize the services of the organization in all spheres. Likewise, when this occurs between a firm and a famous athlete, the company is held in high esteem by supporting fans. An example is how people purchase products from Nike, Puma, and others, who sponsor most football teams and players.

On the other hand, critics feel this is a negative trend as some organizations become less famous and make less income than their counterparts who have the means to do so. On the job market, they are practically known by few customers as, for one reason or the other, they cannot provide sponsorship programs for various games or athletes. This results in low-profit margins and stagnation. To buttress this point, most smaller firms in Africa fail to burgeon because they lack the resources to sponsor diverse sporting events worldwide.

In my opinion, I think this is a positive trend as this is a whole business strategy on its own. Because of this, other companies who are not benefiting from this should take up the mantle to go in this direction.

In conclusion, although some feel it is bad for companies to take responsibility for sports personnel and sporting activities, the advantages are way beneficial.

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