Describe a Famous Food from Your Hometown or Country

Describe a famous food from your hometown or country. You should say:-

  • What does it look like?
  • What does it taste like?
  • When and how is it usually eaten?
  • And say why you think it is famous.

Sample: Describe a Famous Food from Your Hometown or Country

The most popular food in India award can only go to Paani Puri or Gol Gappa.

It is a fantastic combination of flavoured water with a stuffing of Ragda filled in a rigid circular, oil-fried puffed covering called puri. This dish is the favourite amongst girls of all ages and classes.

However, boys like them too, but if you offer it to a woman, she will never be able to resist herself no matter what. It is a deadly yummy combination of sour, sweet, tangy and spicy tastes simultaneously.

Every region of India serves Paani puri with their essence of taste. Flavours of water can be many ranging from 2 to 25. it is usually served fresh, where you have to stand near the serving person, and one by one, it will be served to you as puristendy to become soft when put in contact with flavoured water.

Therefore should be eaten as soon as it is served. It’s a cheap food readily available across India. It is heart delicious, and to some extent, it is nutritious too … all these can be reasons to make it popular not only in India but across the globe.


Question 1: What types of food do people eat in your country?

Answer:- India is famous for multi-cuisine and regional food but generally routine food has something freshly prepared for breakfast like Poha, Upma, Idli etc., Chapapti, vegetable Sabjee, dal made up of lentils, rice for lunch or dinner is usually preferred though out the country. All the fast food is eaten as snacks in the evening.

Question 2: What about foreign food? What kinds of foreign food are popular in your country?

Answer:- In India, Chinese, Mongolian, Thai, Italian, Spanish, Persian, and American are some international cuisine that is very popular. Chinese Hakka noodles and Italian pizza are amongst my personal favourite. People also like Thai curries, American chops, and some Mughal and Turkish dishes too.

Question 3: In your country, is it important to have a meal together with your family?

Answer:- We believe that a family that eats together stays together. It is not made compulsory to eat together nowadays considering the changing work life of family members, but we make sure that at least at weekends, we eat together. The dining table serves as our common chatting point. We all discuss our daily affairs, thoughts and many more things with all the family members.

Question 4: Is food now better than in the past?

Answer:- Not at all, and it will only get worse with time. And when I am talking about this, I am referring to both food quality and nutritional values. Both are degrading. Food back then was very healthy and nutritious, and quality was even better than organic food in today’s Time. Many factors, including environmental and industrial, are responsible for this change, along with our changed preferences towards food.

Question 5: Do you think our diet is important?

Answer:- Our diet determines our personality according to ancient Indian health science, Ayurveda. We are what we eat. The importance of diet is not only limited to personality and behavioural traits but also to determining physical and mental fitness.

Question 6: What is a balanced diet?

Answer:- A balanced diet consists of the diet consisting of recommended proportions of macro and micronutrients. Macronutrients include protein, carbohydrates and fats, whereas micronutrients include vitamins, electrolytes and salts. Diet is complete with the source of lactic acid-containing food like pickles and yoghurt.

Question 7: How do your country’s eating habits differ from past ones?

Answer:- Previous generations used to follow a fixed schedule to eat. Their timings would never change. This generation has no fixed timing of food consumption, making them prone to disease as compared to older generations. Apart from the timings of breakfast, lunch and dinner, fat consumption in the form of cheese, myonses has increased by today as generation making them obese and puts them at risk of heart or brain stroke.

Question 8: How might eating habits change in the coming decades?

Answer:- In the coming days, food consumption in its original form will be lost, and only its products will be consumed. Most of the working class won’t have time to cook fresh food. Therefore, they will depend either on readymade or stored food, contributing to their worsening health.

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