Describe an environmental problem or event: Speaking Cue Card

Describe an environmental problem or event. You should say:

  • What is it?
  • Where is it happening?
  • What problems does it cause?

Sample: Describe an environmental problem or event

The environment is the most debatable topic ever. We have to protect our environment regularly. Environmental event is organized to make people aware of the surrounding and talk about different methods by which we may make our atmosphere better.

Here I would like to talk about an event that is held every year in my village by the Gram panchayat office, namely, Gaon Bachao. At this event, all government officials are there, and some skids are performed for countryside people to understand the importance of our well-being.

All the individuals enjoyed it very much. Some school teachers address the people to enhance their knowledge about their surroundings. And after that, some sweets are also given to the children. For organizing this, even lot of preparations are done one week before the program.


Question 1: What are some of the main environmental problems in your county?

Answer:- There are various problems in my country. For example, air pollution is there, and numerous harmful contaminants are present in the air. They are generated by vehicles, and sound pollution is also a big concern nowadays.

Question 2: Why should people be concerned about the environment?

Answer:- The environment plays a vital role in human health. If we take fresh air, then we will be healthy. On the other side, inhaling contaminated and polluted air will affect our lungs deliberately. For example, the Air quality in Delhi is inferior. Every year lot of people have some issues with their lungs.

Question 3: How can people protect the environment?

Answer:- There are numerous ways, for instance, and people need to do more plantation and avoid using personal vehicles. They need to travel by public transport. Try to follow the: reuse, recycle, and reduce.

Question 4: Do you think money should be spent on protecting animals?

Answer:- Yes, an animal is also part of life. Animals are beneficial for mankind. Various organizations have to spend a lot of money on animals to protect them.

Question 5: Do you think more should be done to protect natural scenic spots in your country?

Answer:- Yes, of course, in scenic spots, tourists visit and enjoy the view. It is directly related to the economics of the country. Tourism is a big sector for earning money, so if we spend more, we will get more.

Question 6: Is water pollution a problem in your country?

Answer:- Yes, it is, but not everywhere in the country. In some places, it is a serious issue. People are not able to drink fresh water. Gaining potable water is not very easy for them.

Question 7: What can individuals do to try and ensure water is kept clean?

Answer:- Try to save water as much as you can; apart from that, garbage should not be kept at the river. Everyone must have a rainwater harvesting system on the roof to save water.

Question 8: Do you think problems with water cleanliness will improve in the future?

Answer:- Yes, of course, it will improve people’s living, and life will be easy for them.

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