Describe a Foreign Film You like Watching

Describe a foreign film you like Watching; You should say

  • What film it was,
  • Who the actors were,
  • When you watched it,
  • Why did you enjoy this film

Sample Answer of Describe a foreign film you like Watching

I am really fond of watching movies, especially foreign movies because I can learn the language in which it’s playing. I have had watched plenty of movies in different languages, and I would like to take about one movie is the harry potter; the film consists of 7 different labels starting from Harry Potter and the philosophers stone, to the final one is Harry Potter and deathly hallows.

This movie is dealt with the survival of a boy, his name is Harry, and he fought against the dark load. In this movie, my favourite actor Daniel Radcliffe was the hero along with Emma Watson. She played the role of Hermione Granger, who is the best friend of Harry in this entire movie. I watched this when I was studying in my 10th class..

As part of our they’re and drama class, the school, telecasted the movie. I am really fascinated with this movie because every scene is truly filled with colours and designs; moreover, every shot definitely captures the attention of the viewers. The whole movie was happening in an unimaginary witch world which was already contribute me to watch this movie. I really enjoyed this movie mainly because it doesn’t have that many offensive scenes, for instance, the violence is killing ….it’s more like children friendly which really does have imaginative power.

Follow-ups Describe a foreign film you like Watching.

Question 1. What do you think makes a good actor?

As far as I converted there an array of contributing factors which make a person into a good actor, firstly strong determination, having a highly built confidence will definitely take wherever we want to go, moreover pursuing the career without giving up in the midst of unfavourable family or personal situation’s. Additionally, last but not least, he should have acting skills…he could have handled every emotion and should display it without hesitation.

Question 2. What are some of the characteristics that an actor needs to have?

I would say the actor should be more polite to his colleagues and friends moreover she should be more friendly with his fans. Be faithful with his hard work and should support his co-workers who do need any support.

Question 3. Have movies changed over the years? How have they changed?

I am afraid to say that; the movies are changed in an unimaginary noticeable way ..first I should say the making of the video, introduction of VFX and sound system reduce the creation effort moreover the colour grading has improved significantly like the visuals are more appealing and realistic to the viewer’s eyes.

Question 4. Do you think movies will continue to be popular with people in the future?

It seems to me while envisaging, without even doubt, the movies will definitely occupy a position in entertainment. Because nowadays people are would like to build they’re in the home itself that is home theatre which really indicates the significance of the movie in the current era. So the relevance of the movie as an entertainment piece will be continuous can be found in future.

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