Describe a Friend You Like to Talk With

Describe a friend you like to talk with

You should say:

  • Who he/she is
  • What you like to talk about
  • Why you like to talk with him/her
  • And explain how you feel about him/her

Sample 1 Describe a Friend You Like to Talk With

One of my closest friends whom I love talking to is John. John is a software engineer and we met during our college days. We bonded over our shared love for music, technology and entrepreneurship. We often have lengthy conversations about the latest technological advancements, our favorite bands and singers, and our future goals and ambitions.

John is someone who has an impressive depth of knowledge on a wide range of topics. I always learn something new every time we talk. He has a unique ability to make complex subjects simple to understand and is always eager to listen and share his perspective on a topic.

I love talking with John because he is a great listener and provides insightful feedback. He offers constructive criticism and suggestions to improve my ideas and helps me to view things from different angles. He is always encouraging and inspires me to work harder to achieve my goals.

Talking to John makes me feel motivated, inspired and happy. His passion for learning and personal growth is infectious and I always leave our conversations feeling energized and excited to pursue my goals.

Overall, John is not just a friend, but also a mentor and a source of inspiration to me. I am grateful for his friendship and I hope to continue our conversations for years to come.

Sample 2 Describe a Friend You Like to Talk With

I have a friend named Sarah who I like to talk with. We have been friends for almost three years, and we met in a language exchange program. Sarah is from South Korea, and she moved to my country to study at a university. She is a very intelligent, friendly, and open-minded person, and we get along very well.

What I like to talk with Sarah about is usually about our cultures, traditions, and daily life. We exchange our experiences and opinions about our countries, discuss the differences and similarities between our cultures, and talk about our plans for the future. Sarah always has an interesting perspective on things, and I learn a lot from our conversations.

The reason why I like to talk with Sarah is because she is a great listener, and she always gives thoughtful responses. She is also very patient with me when I struggle to express my thoughts in English, and she helps me improve my language skills. I feel comfortable talking with her about anything, and I appreciate her honesty and positive attitude.

Overall, I feel grateful to have Sarah as my friend, and our conversations have helped me learn more about different cultures and become more open-minded. I hope to continue our friendship for a long time, and I am excited to see where life takes us.

Follow ups of Describe a Friend You Like to Talk With

Question 1 Where do young people like to meet?

Answer – Young people like to meet in a variety of places, depending on their interests and preferences. Some common places include cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, movie theaters, parks, beaches, and sports venues. With the rise of technology, many young people also meet online through social media platforms, video games, or dating apps. The location and environment of where young people meet often play an important role in shaping their social experiences and interactions with others.

Question 2 What do young people talk about when they meet up?

Answer – When young people meet up, they usually talk about a variety of things such as their personal interests, school or college life, fashion, relationships, music, movies, and social media. They often share their experiences and opinions about the latest trends or issues that are relevant to their age group. Some young people might also discuss their future plans, aspirations, and career goals. Others might share their travel experiences and the places they have visited or would like to visit. Additionally, young people often talk about their hobbies, sports, and other activities they are involved in. Overall, the topics of conversation can vary widely, and it ultimately depends on the interests and personalities of the individuals involved in the conversation.

Question 3 On what occasions do people talk with strangers?

Answer – People talk with strangers on various occasions such as during travel, at social gatherings or parties, while waiting in a queue, in public transportation, or during any situation where they are forced to interact with unknown people. In addition, social media platforms have also made it possible for people to connect with strangers online and engage in conversations. People may initiate conversations with strangers to learn about their experiences, share their own stories, or simply to pass time. In some cases, such interactions may lead to forming new friendships or acquaintances. However, it is important to exercise caution and be aware of potential risks when talking to strangers, particularly in unfamiliar or unsafe settings.

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