Describe an Occasion when You Got Positive Feedback for Work that You Did

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Describe an Occasion when You Got Positive Feedback for Work that You Did (1)

Describe an occasion when you got positive feedback for work that you did: You should say

  • What you did do?
  • When was it?
  • Why do you get positive feedback?
  • How did you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Describe an Occasion when You Got Positive Feedback for Work That You Did

Well, in our life, there are several times when we put a lot of effort into accomplishing our goals and want to get appreciation from others. Today, I would like to share my personal experience when everyone praised me for my work last year.

The management of my college organized an event where students needed to present current problems that were going on in our surroundings. All students were permitted to make presentations on different topics.

I wanted to win this competition, so I chose the topic on the trending list. The topic was the causes of overpopulation and the main causes behind this. First, I will explain the decline in the death rate because of agriculture and advancements in this world.

These advancements in the 21st century have allowed humans to increase food production using fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. This allowed humans more access to food, leading to a subsequent population explosion.

The second cause behind these technological advancements is infertility and more discoveries in medical science. Nowadays, it has become possible for couples unable to conceive to undergo fertility treatment methods and have their own babies, which contributes to overpopulation in this world.

I explained it thoroughly and prepared a lot to make an impressive presentation. I took help from the internet to get ideas on the day of the event. When my turn came, I was a little bit nervous, but with the encouragement of my parents and teacher,

I gave excellent examples, and my presentation was around 20 minutes. I explained the causes behind this. I could see the beautiful expression of my teachers and staff members, and my presentation got over. Everyone applauded, and at last, the result was declared.

I was over the moon as I got the first position after winning the trophy. My eyes were filled with tears because it was the outcome of my hard work. The work we do with determination always gives a positive result.

Follow-Up Questions Describe an Occasion when You Got Positive Feedback for Work That You Did

Question 1:- Do you like helping others?

Answer – I love helping individuals because it gives me inner gratification, and I always feel contended and joyful. I helped them when they needed my help, so I assist individuals the most whenever I get an opportunity.

Question 2:- Should children be taught to help others?

Answer – According to my point of view, Grown Ups should be taught to a sister because helping provide them with the opportunity to grow up to be better people makes them feel good early on in life, and assists others in building up their character.

Question 3:- How can we encourage children to help others?

Answer – There are platforms in which children learn to help others, for example, parents teach their young ones by showing them how to help elderly neighbors with chords and by taking care of them and helping their friends with little too Little Things therefore by these efforts children should learn how to help others.

Question 4:- Are people less willing to help others these days compared to the past?

Answer – No, I’m afraid I have to disagree with this point. After all, I observed that in this technological Era, there are many ways, such as social media and money transfer, in which people help others anywhere and everywhere because they have the power of Technology.

Question 5:- Do people trust others as much as they used to in the past?

Answer – No people nowadays have trust issues as compared to the past because, in this modern world, there are a plethora of cases of Cybercrime, robbery, and thief in which people have fear to trust others. For example, nowadays, newspapers are filled with this type of news that when people assist others, they loot a lot of money from people from which day get help.

Question 6:- How do people in your community help one another?

Answer – In my community, people help each other by doing such activities as voluntary help clean up the neighborhood, helping neighbors with money donations, and donating clothes and food items, which are beneficial ways to help others.

Question 7:- How do students such as high school students help each other?

Answer – There are a plethora of ways in which students high school students assist each other such as students helping others for completing assignments by interacting with them and by giving them valuable materials for such they do not have, and most importantly, they can talk with each other, which can help them to build their character wisely.

Question 8:- How can charitable organizations help people?

Answer – Charitable organizations assist individuals with a lot of materials, such as by giving clothes by giving foodstuffs, and by giving voluntary help who are unable to do these kinds of things, and they can also provide monetary donations to those who are unable to work, for example, for needed people and for underprivileged.

Question 9:- What are some examples of such organizations in your country?

Answer – In my country, there are a plethora of non-governmental organizations and NGOs which help people by giving them lots of facilities, such as by giving them food and accommodations to live in, and for older adults, they provide a lot of residential places in which they can live peacefully.

Question 10:- What do you think are the benefits of having unpaid volunteer workers?

Answer – The advantages of having unpaid volunteer workers an essential advantage are they can help people without any Money Madness, and volunteers are those who work by heart without any selfishness. For example, during the corona pandemic days, many volunteers help people by giving them humanitarian aid and helping hand by giving them food, sanitizer, and a lot of medical facilities.

Question 11:- How do you think the volunteers themselves benefit?

Answer – Volunteers also benefit themselves in such a way they can gain experience to help others which can assist them in journalizing what is good or bad in people. They also learn character-building lessons, their mentality will improve, and their nature will be more courageous.

Question 12:- Should professionals be hired rather than using volunteer workers?

Answer – No, volunteers are the best because volunteers give help people selflessly and without any selfishness of money.

Question 13:- Do you think international aid, for example, from my national Government to another, is essential?

Answer – Yes, International 8 place a beneficial role by helping other countries because when other countries face any difficulties in their country, the other countries will help them by providing lots of important stuff which can give them leaves, for example in coconut 19 days lots of countries help each other by providing such medical facilities sanitizers mask and a lot of foodstuffs.

Question 14:- Can you give examples of international aid?

Answer – A few examples of International Trade are foodstuffs, clothes medical facilities, which other countries can provide, such as developed countries, to developing countries to raise their standard of living.

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