Describe a Gift You Gave to A Child IELTS Cue Cards Latest

Describe a gift you gave to a child IELTS cue cards latest

  • What it was?
  • Who you gave it to?
  • On what occasion you gave this gift?
  • And explain why you chose this gift. 

Thanks to give me such an interesting cue card topic. Once I was invited as a guest in the birthday party of my friend. I went there with taking a gift with mine. I would like to share it with you briefly.

It happened about a 9 minths ago When my friend organized a party. I gave her a samsung mobile phone in a gift by which she got so happy to get. There are some reasons for which I presented her a mobile phone as a gift.

Firstly, I heard many time from her that it is her favorite phone and her first desire is to buy it. Second, she belongs to a middle class family, so she couldn’t affort the price of this phone as she is still pursuing her study.

So, she has no source of income from which I could buy this mobile phone. The third one is that the mobile phone she already has has broken recently. So, she didn’t have any mobile phone to communicate with anyone while in travelling or outside from the home.

So, I think this time, it would be the perfect gift for her as she has a need of it and also she want this mobile. Ans she really became so happier and she even told me that my gift was perfect from all other gifts. I got so happy to see her happy.

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