Describe a game you play on your cell phone Ielts cue cards

Describe a game you play on your cell phone IELTS cue cards

  • what is it
  • how long have you been playing it
  • what type of game it is
  • and explain why you play this game on your cell phone/ mobile phone. 

Thanks to give me such an interesting cue cards topic. S there are number of games that is popular in India. But the game named PUBG has gained so much popularity nowadays. I love this game too. I would like to describe about it briefly.

PUBG is an action game which is created by tencent games. Its features and types is different from all other action games. It is not only popular all in the India but also much popular all over the world.

This game require an Interent Conncection through which it can be played with our Facebook friends too. In this game, 100 people play one time and they have to find guns and kill each other. Which player is left at the end, he becomes winner. We can play this game by making team with our FB friends.

I have been playing it for 6 months. And I play it every time with my fb friends. It is so popular in our college that every student of my college play PUBG. In India, it comes at first in Goggle play store ranking within 3 months after the launch and it still remain at first.

No one game has still come which can surpass it in features, popularity wise. I love to play this game and mostly play it in my leisure time.

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