Describe a Historical Period/Time You Want to Know More About

Describe a Historical Period/time You Want to Know More About; You should say:

  • What event is it?
  • When did it happen?
  • Who or what was involved in it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Historical Period/time You Want to Know More About

Well, the historical period always fascinates me to know more about them. Historical periods contain a lot of knowledge about events that happened during that period of time. Here I would like to speak about 15 August 1947, when India got freedom from the clutches of Britishers. Three main patriotism were involved in it Shahid Bhagat Singh, Rajguru as well as Sukhdev, who fought with bravery and never accepted slavery. Their contribution is immense in awakening the spirit of their countrymen to get their contribution in getting freedom. Their personality mostly inspired me because at such an age, and they had fixed their mission to free their country. So they had brought them up with the same feeling of nationalism, which is very rare to see in fellow citizens now. They took part in great events like taking revenge on Jallianwala Bagh, which is in Amritsar and explode bombs in assembly to create fear in the mind of Britishers. They sacrificed their lives for the people of their nation, and people really give rewards to these personalities for their noble cause; and to satisfy my curiosity, I also visited Martyr’s home, which is in Jalandhar. So this is a period, which I would like to know more and now many movies are made. Although there are some distortions in history, I really feel proud of knowing more and more about how our India got freedom.

Follow-ups Describe a Historical Period/time You Want to Know More About

Question 1 What can we learn from history?

Answer – We can learn a lot of things from history like religion, traditions, customs. Moreover, who were the rulers who ruled at that time?

Question 2 How can people get reliable historical information?

Answer – People can get reliable historical information by searching on the internet, visiting public libraries and places, and talking with the area’s people where some particular events happened.

Question 3 How do you think famous historical figures can serve as models for young people today?

Answer – Well, historical figures are popular nowadays among youngsters, inspiring young minds. I can talk about martyr Bhagat Singh, who is worshipped by the youngsters and youngsters who have made him their real hero and follow his footprints.

Question 4 Do people in your country like to visit museums?

Answer – Yes people in my country really like to visit museums to enhance their knowledge as well as for entertainment purposes. They also want to upgrade the knowledge of their children so that their children can learn about their rich history.

Question 5 Who do you think likes to go to museums more – children or adults?

Answer – Well children like to visit museums more than adults because children are curious to see historical objects, which they have read in their books. So they get direct experience when they see by visiting museums like they feel happy to see coins, weapons that are related to past.

Question 6 Do you think museums should be free of cost to enter?

Answer – No, there must be some entry fee that can be used to maintain the museum; otherwise, people will not value the historical objects, and they will not visit the museum. So small charge can fascinate them to visit the museum more.

Question 7 Do you think local people and tourists should pay the same amount to enter a museum?

Answer – Yes, of course, there must be equal charges for the tourists as well as for the local people for maintaining the dignity of the museum. There must not be any kind of difference. Only then people will value their treasure house.

Question 8 How do you think the future museums might be different from the museums of today?

Answer – Museums in the future would be visited by people while surfing the internet, and everything will be available on the internet as people will be busier to earn bread and butter. They will not have time to visit the museums as now physically people have free time, and they like to visit the museum along with their family, but in the future, they will mostly rely on technological gadgets.

Question 9 How do you think the museums of the future might portray the 21st century?

Answer – Everything will be available on the internet. People will collect pictures by searching on the internet. Moreover, occasionally, they will visit these sites, where some events happened.

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