Many Animals Are Being Hunted to the Brink of Extinction

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Many Animals Are Being Hunted to the Brink of Extinction to Fulfill Humankind’S Demand and Greed for Decorative Purposes and Other Reasons

Many animals are being hunted to the brink of extinction to fulfil humankind’s demand and greed for decorative purposes and other reasons, Such as traditional medicine. How can this issue be tackled?

In Recent Times, wild animals are becoming extinct because hunting activities are increasing in some parts of the world, importantly to satisfy the human greediness of all sorts. This is a very pathetic situation, as wild animals have the right to live like humans on mother earth. In this essay, we will elaborate on eradicating the hunting of wild animals and safety measures to initiate the protection of endangered species.

Wildlife and forests are most significant in the ecosystem. Due to inhuman activities, majorly hunting causes severe damage to the wild animals; they are becoming less in numbers. One of the main causes hunting wild animals like deer and tigers for recreating purposes, and For Zooming farming, people are deforesting the forests and killing the animals in the woods. In recent years after advancements in medical sciences, drug trials are performing on animals. Some People think of having Lion or Tiger skin on the walls of houses as a royal symbol and using it for decoration. These days Smuggling activities of Elephant Horns and Lion Nails are happening regularly to get these parts hunters mercilessly killing the wild animals.

To Reduce Criminal activities like hunting and killing wild animals, governments worldwide have to take major steps and amend their laws in favour of wild animals protection. Governments have to take stringent action against people who are hunting and killing animals. They must introduce animal protection law in the constitution and punish those who fail to abide by the law. Creating shelters and parks for the wild animals will reduce the hunting of animals as these parks will be monitored by Protecting the borders of forests to stop illegal activities like smuggling of skins, body parts and horns, nails etc. This can be done by severe vigil. If someone sees wild animals accidentally in civil areas instead of killing and hunting them, people have to inform the ‘Red cross team’ they will catch and guide them to the forest or provide them to local animal protection authorities.

I conclude that this situation has to be handled by governments and people living around the world. Government has to start awareness programs to people on killing wild animals and severe measures on eradicating on hunting of wild animals. Celebrities and Bureaucrats have to come forward and has to do awareness campaign on endangered animals as they have a huge fan base. As per the Recent Survey, Rhinos are endangered species on the earth. Recently Cricketer Rohit Doing saves rhino campaign and raising funds to save rhinos in the world. This is a welcoming approach.

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