Describe a Lesson that You Remember Well

Describe a lesson that you remember well; You should say

  • When it was?
  • Where it was?
  • What do you do?
  • What does your teacher do?
  • Why It was special?

Sample Answer of Describe a Lesson that You Remember Well

The lesson has important value in the lifestyle of the human and there are ample of ingredients we able to learn from the lessons, apart from them some Lansons would be boring either interesting therefore I have a rejuvenate the memory of school and here I would like to talk about a situation when I learnt the lessons from the school.

I remember vividly when I was in 10th class, it was a lecture about a chemistry formula the teacher entered the class. We greeted her with a standing gesture. Moreover,  without delay teacher started the lectures on chemistry based on formulas. Furthermore, in the beginning, the lecture was too boring, and we were unable to get concentrate on the class.

However, some important topics were covered by the teacher because the teacher had a lot of skills how communicating with the student in the appropriate manner. Hence, we also realised that formulas should be useful in the future, so we concentrated on the lesson she made us taught.

Whereas I was so indulged in the lesson that I got the clear basics of the concept of that chapter so easily, and she tried every possibility to learn the lecture, so I also got some assignments, which I completed in two days. I was in a dilemma and focused with a sharp eye, and I realised I had learnt this formula. Hence, I got very good marks in my academics, so that was a time when I learnt a lesson from my class teacher, and it was quite a herculean task for me, and learning formulas is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of dedication.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Lesson that You Remember Well

Question 1:- What can people do to help themselves remember information for their everyday needs?

Answer – There are lots of ways in which people try to help themselves to remember all the details appropriately. Some people use notes and calendars, Which they can easily write all the crucial data on it; secondly, they like to do meditation and exercise in the morning, and some individuals like enhancing their mind power with Motivation speech, after that these practices would be applied in the lifestyle they definitely remember the all the things which run through in their life and one of the most important things to remember all the things correctly that is a healthier lifestyle and diet.

Question 2:- What do you think of people using calendars to remind themselves of things?

Answer – The majority of people like to use Calendar in their day-to-day life, which they easily store all the important data on it. There are many situations when people also write important random topics on notes. Some people like to make a small reminder about a particular thing that they can easily interact with at their appropriate time.

Question 3:- What kind of things do people forget easily?

Answer – There are numerous short situations in which people cannot recognise them easily and forget in a short period, as well as a kind of small decision. Moreover, people who like to go to the workplace forget their belongings like wallets and phones. Therefore, most people cannot remember another person’s birthday dates, so that is the main serious topic of friendship nowadays.

Question 4:- How can people improve their memory?

Answer – There are a few ways in which people also enhance their memory with some of the possible ideas; they like to do meditation and stretching in the morning, even go for a walk to boost their knowledge and some people like listening to songs which help to make their mind free.

Question 5:- What do sometimes people forget things they don’t want to do?

Answer – A majority of people are already busy in their hustle and bustle life, and they don’t have sufficient time to spend quality time on particular things. The workload is one of the most prominent issues. Moreover, events like birthday anniversaries and special occasions are things people don’t want to forget but do because of their busy schedules.

Question 6:- Which do you think is more important to remember, a business meeting or a meeting with a friend?

Answer – Well, it is a kind of complicated question. I think the business meeting is more compatible with the human lifestyle; individuals like to enrol themselves for a better future. They want to fulfil their needs and desires with the help of a job. If they get to ignore the meeting, they definitely lose their jobs and are unable to settle in the future so is the kind of reputation in every people will have to make with their clients, so it’s a kind of responsibility, so the business meeting is Priority .on the other hand meeting with friends would be postponed into another day. 

Question 7:- Why is it difficult for some people to remember things?

Answer – Some people have a lot of problems like difficulties remembering all the things in a well mannered I think it’s a kind of ability to memorise things would be weak in their day to day life people already involved in a rat race, so it’s a hard remember the important dates and appointments in their daily lifestyle. 

Question 8:- What kind of people is more forgetful?

Answer – They are some sources of assets which people frequently forget, like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries even something as simple as taking the trash out. However, they have developed this for a reason. Moreover, men are more forgetful than women according to their age.

Question 9:- In what situations is it important to remember information very well?

Answer – Better grades in text and examinations and higher self-confidence and sensory memory of facts and formulas will no longer be M problem; In the situation of having exams related to the career, we have to member information is important. Ans where you need to be updated with the information.

Question 10:- Which is better for keeping childhood memories, photos or videos?

Answer – I think both are important photos and videos, as from photos we can go to those times and cherish our special moments. It is a kind of nostalgia we remember all the things from our past time. There are very fond memories of the people which represent the past, like birthdays and school time, so in these kinds of circumstances people often take videos and photos and also make an album for their future purposes, furthermore, These practices are more important for keeping our childhood memories and preserve for future. 

Question 11:- Can people rely on their memory when recalling events from the past?

Answer – Yes, but people can easily rely on a photo of Siri calling their past. By seeing the photos and videos, we can easily recall the moment which we had captured on our devices.

Question 12:- Do you think keeping a diary can lead to creating false memories?

Answer – No, I don’t think keeping a diary is a very good habit for people. Being asked to write a diary regularly makes so many good habits, so there are many situations and times when people write regularly about their lifestyle. I think that is one of the most wonderful aspects which people easily remember their memory when they write in a diary, so it gives a tremendous of choices to sort out life in a proper manner.

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