Describe a Trip You Took by Public Transport

Describe a Trip You Took by Public Transport. You Should Say:

  • When Did It Happen?
  • What Means of Transport Do You Take?
  • What Do You Do During the Trip?
  • And Explain how You Felt About the Trip.

Sample Answer of Describe a Trip You Took by Public Transport

Well, there were many times when I travelled by public transport in my school days. I used to commute by bus, and it was really fun as it gave me such a great opportunity to meet new people.

Apart from this, I would like to share my first experience travelling by Metro in Delhi. I remember it was a time when I had just passed my 12th me and my friend Preeti planned a trip to Delhi, were super excited as it was our first journey in which we were travelling alone. So so we clicked many pictures and had great fun.

Now coming to the point when we reach Delhi station. We had to catch the Metro, and when we entered the metro station, we were really confused at first thought that it was not easy, but we decided to do it ourselves. We were in our world, talking and motivating Each Other after some time, we bought a token and stood in a line whenever our turn came.

We did not know what to do, then suddenly, a man behind us said to put the token into the machine, and. Albert did the same the door opened. We walked with the crowd, but instead of going in the Metro, we came out at this moment we loved a lot like mad but when we entered it was very clean. It was a great experience for me, and I will never forget it in my whole life.

Part 3 Follow-Up Questions Describe a Trip You Took by Public Transport

Question 1:- Do you think traffic jams would be reduced if people could travel on public transport for free?

Answer – In my perspective nowadays Road jams are a common problem because more people use their vehicles to travel because public transport is unhygienic and infrequent and charges high fares. If public transport is free and hygienic people will attract to this and Road jams will be reduced to a great extent.

Question 2:- Do you think people should use public transportation more often?

Answer – Yes I think people should use public transport more often it has to reduce traffic and pollution also it will reduce the number of personal vehicles which cause a lot of pollution and noise.

Question 3:- What are the pros and cons of low-cost air travel?

Answer – Low-cost air travel has many advantages because it is a less time-consuming, easy way to travel from one Nation to another, but on the other hand it has many never negative points such as low-cost air travel allows everybody to travel frequently, so that’s why many people travel to another country without any need.

Question 4:- Which method of travel do you consider safest? Why?

Answer – I believe that Airways are the safest means of transportation we have frequent National and international flights and the service is excellent. However, it will compare air transport with Road Transport. Air transport is the safest way because nowadays due to traffic on roads there are many accidents take place everyday flying is the most secure way to get around the world as the lights are well organised, and road traffic is efficiently controlled by using air transport.

Question 5:- Has travel become safer in recent years than that was in the past?

Answer – No, In recent times, travel has become riskier due to the increasing traffic and population of vehicles. However, in past years there were not too many vehicles and machinery on the road, so that’s why in past years, travel was safer than now.

Question 6:- What types of public transport are most commonly used in your country?

Answer – Certainly, I use public transport such as buses and trains to travel in my country because they are very frequent and easy ways to travel throughout the country but sometimes I prefer to travel by my car whenever I have no time to take public transport.

Question 7:- Do you think the government invests enough in public transport in your country?

Answer – Yes, I strongly believe that government should need to invest more money in public transport in the country because public transport is frequent and unhygienic also the number of personal vehicles is increasing which causes road jams and traffic and lead to accidents but if public transport is hygienic and frequent, so people attracts towards the public transport and use more public transport in the daily life.

Question 8:- Why do you think more and more people prefer to travel by plane?

Answer – Nowadays travelling by plane is more famous because it is less time-consuming and everyone has a busy schedule, so they use travelling by plane to travel throughout the world in less time.

Question 9:- What do you think the government should do to improve the quality of public transport in your country?

Answer – I think the government should take tiny steps to improve the quality of public transport government should make public transport hygienic and frequent, and also reduce fares. It will help to attract more people to use public.

Question 10:- What kinds of obstacles do you think some local governments have to face when they develop transportation infrastructure?

Answer – First of all, the main obstacle to the infrastructure of developing public transport is the high cost of development no one wants to share and pay these expenses also nowadays people have their vehicles and many people prefer there on vehicles to travel instead of travelling by public transport, so that’s why the cost of developing it is high, but the income is very low from these public transport.

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