Describe a Mobile Phone Application You Used to Learn a New Skill

Describe a mobile phone application you used to learn a new skill.

  • What is it?
  • When did you use it for the first time?
  • How it helped you?
  • How do you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Mobile Phone Application You Used to Learn a New Skill

In the contemporary era, technology is increasing day by day, and there are a plethora of applications which are helping to learn skills. I also used a few applications on my mobile phone, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. But here I would like to talk about an application which helped me learn a new skill: the tube.

This application provides knowledge of each and everything, such as cooking, fitness, swimming, singing, dancing, etc. I used this app to learn digital marketing skills. I vividly remanence the first time I used this application when I was in 10th standard. My teacher gave me an assignment, and I was unaware of the given topic.

That time my brother told me to take help from this app, then I searched my topic on YouTube, and I gained a lot of knowledge about my topic. From that time. I am regularly using this app to learn new skills.

During the Covid pandemic, I had a lot of time, so I decided to learn a new digital marketing skill. I’d wanted to learn this skill for a very long period, but I could not learn it due to my hectic schedule. I’m the kind of person who believes in learning.

I followed the channel of Neil Patel and the digital world, where I took so much knowledge about it. I learnt about social media optimisation, search engine optimisation, Google adverts, paid campaigns, etc. This app polished my skill and opened the door to employment opportunities. I felt delighted when I learnt this skill. So this is the app which I used to learn new skills.

Follow Up Questions Describe a Mobile Phone Application You Used to Learn a New Skill

Question 1:- What are the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phone applications?

Answer – There are a lot of applications available which have both advantages and disadvantages. Some applications provide very informative knowledge to polish the skills and tips and tricks to learn new things such as cooking, fitness, a new language, etc. On the other side. Few applications are made for entertaining people, such as gaming and social media apps; if people want to use these applications to entertain themselves, they should use them wisely.

Question 2:- What types of applications are popular among youngsters?

Answer – In my opinion, youngsters spend most of their time on gaming applications such as PUBG and ludo, social media applications such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat and e-commerce apps such as Amazon, Zomato, Myntra, etc. Teenagers who love sports activities also prefer to use applications related to matches.

Question 3:- Do you think the trend of using mobile phone applications will grow in the future?

Answer – In my opinion, it definitely will. As it is increasing daily and in the future, there will be more growth and advancements in mobile applications because these are much more convenient to use than websites, and people can access these apps from anywhere.

Question 4:- Will those companies that do not have mobile phone applications for their businesses survive?

Answer – Yes, every business could survive without mobile applications. Applications only help to grow the business revenue. But I think the survival word is not suitable for it. Entrepreneurs could also grow their businesses with other strategies, such as door-to-door marketing and search engine marketing.

Question 5:- What is the most significant disadvantage of a mobile phone application?

Answer – Some people are very addicted to using mobile applications. For example, most youngsters use gaming applications in which people have to spend money to win the game, and they spend more and more money till then they do not win. Moreover, people also become spendthrifts by exploring e-commerce websites such as Amazon and Zomato. When they explore this kind of website, they attract towards the product or food and place the order. They do not care whether items are required or not.
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