Describe Some Technology (e.G. an App, Phone, Software Program) that You Decided to Stop Using

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Describe Some Technology (e.G. an App, Phone, Software Program) that You Decided to Stop Using

Describe some technology (e.g. an app, phone, software program) that you decided to stop using. You should say:

  • When and where do you get this technology?
  • Why did you start using this technology?
  • Why did you decide to stop using it?
  • And explain how you feel about the decision you made.

Sample Answer of Describe Some Technology (e.G. an App, Phone, Software Program) that You Decided to Stop Using

I have used several technologies such as apps, phones and software that I no longer use them. However, today I would like to talk about an app I recently used and deleted from my phone.

I downloaded the app from a play store, and the app’s name is happy, and a dating app. I decided to download this app because I was searching for a fiancee, so when I saw this app on the play store, I didn’t hesitate and quickly downloaded it.

Many beautiful girls claim they are looking for their life partners, as I was also searching for a partner. I sent three of the girls a friend request, who responded immediately.

I didn’t propose immediately but decided to get along with them before I made my choice. During my conversation with them and the questions I posed to them, their answers were almost similar, and they tried to patronise me by saying ‘bab honey and dear’ even though I hadn’t proposed yet.

I became suspicious about their actions, and my suspicions weren’t unfounded as two of the ladles requested money for her rent. I then told them that this friendship barely started and you people were demanding money from a person you barely know.

Following this, they expressed their regrets and apologised. After this incident, I decided to delete the app from my phone because I didn’t find the women to be real women, and they could probably be men who had placed women’s pictures on the site to deceive men.

I was over the moon after deciding to do away with the app because I could have been defrauded if I hadn’t been diligent enough.

Part 3 Questions Describe Some Technology (e.G. an App, Phone, Software Program) that You Decided to Stop Using

Question 1:- Do you think that there are any disadvantages to modern technology?

Answer – Yes, there is nothing that man has created without its downsides. Every technology has its positives and negatives. For example, phones have many disadvantages and advantages. One of the advantages is the ability to call people away from home, and it also has the disadvantage of causing hearing impairment when used for a long time. So I think that modern technologies have many disadvantages.

Question 2:- Do you think people depend on modern technologies too much?

Answer – Yes, I feel that the dependency on modern technology for almost everything is alarming. People these days don’t walk for long distances and depend solely on cars for movement around towns and cities. People predominantly use modern technology for the convenience and prestige that comes with people seeing that you mostly use technology in doing everything.

Question 3:- In what ways do you think people will benefit from technologies in the future?

Answer – The application of technology has become the new normal in everything we do as humans. In the future, cars will be operated with no physical driver to control the steering wheel. Also, robots are being created to be used as combat soldiers in wars. Additionally, in the field of surgery, robotic machines are programmed to perform surgery on humans with precision. There are going to be loads of benefits that humans will derive from technologies in the future.

Question 4:- Do you think parents should limit their children’s time on the phone?

Answer – Yes, regulating the time limit for children by parents is crucial in that it will help reduce the dependency on gadgets that children use and also affords children playing time with their friends. Most often, children who are to play with phone gadgets and other playing gadgets grow up lacking social manners. For example, children who sit in front of laptops 24/7would grow up feeling lonely and unhappy because he or they didn’t learn the skills of making friends.

Question 5:- In your opinion, what are the basic computer skills that every person should have today?

Answer – In my view, the most basic rudiments of computer skills everyone should possess are typing and the ability to create and save folders.

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