Describe a movie that made you think a lot.

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Describe a movie that made you think a lot.

Describe a movie that made you think a lot.

1. What movie was it about?

2. When and where you watch it?

3. Whether you like or dislike it?

4. Explain why it made you think a lot.

You should say:

1. What the film was about?

I am a frequent moviegoer and like to enjoy the sheer brilliance of portrayal of characters onscreen but the onset of the pandemic has shattered my dreams to watch it on the big screen hence my view was directed toward the ott. This new era of technology has made us familiar with all kinds of language movies so I decided to watch a Malayalam movie even though I do not hail from Kerala. I watched this movie called yare recently which created a huge impact on me both physically and mentally.

 2. When and where you watch it?

Netflix is the platform I have seen it and it was 2 hours story. The primary plot revolves around free-spirited women who want to achieve big in her life and has a flair towards flying so she successfully completed her course and is ready to take the mission of steering airplanes.

3. Whether you like or dislike it?

Suddenly her life becomes chaotic as her so-called boyfriend who has a personality of low self-esteem attacks her with acid as she refuses his proposal of quitting the job. The subplot takes us into a deep reality of how a woman is judged upon her facial business and how the leading lady overcomes her hurdles and finally becomes an air hostess with the help of a close pal who offers her job.

4. Explain why it made you think a lot.

Even though I’m a movie buff and like to enjoy all kinds of genres in movies this particular film drew my attention as it taught me that failures are stepping stones and we should not stop going back after our dreams as we were abused. Secondly, it also showcases a well-supporting family heals the inner wounds of heart quickly. So finally it did tell me how to present yourself when ur determined to want you to want.

sample answer 2:


1). What the film was about.

I love watching movies not only for pleasure but also for educational purposes. I would like to take about a film I watch that still bits my imagination. This film was about the life and passion of Jesus Christ the son of God. It was well narrated and acted according to scriptures and it gave a vivid picture of what transpired thousands of years ago.

2). When and where you watch it.

Most movies about the passion of Christ are always played in churches during the Easter period which is around late April or early May yearly. I was fortunate to be at the central Cathedral of our diocese during this period together with my siblings. I took this opportunity to partake in the film show at the cathedral`s main hall.

3). Whether you like or dislike it.

It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget. I like it like nothing else in my life. The hall was full to its brim, the sound quality and the big screen gave a visual reality of the whole show. I was so passionate about the whole show that in some points along the line, I shed tears just like my siblings and most people in the hall.

4). Explain why it made you think a lot.

It made me look back at the time of old when he (Jesus Christ) was on earth. It gave me a sense of how wicked and self-centered people of those days were. Despite his coming to save mankind from internal domination, they did not recognize his presence, instead, they lied and killed him. I kept thinking of the sorrow and how to make amends for my trespasses. I came to understand the effects of such acts to the lives of those involved and how difficult it is to stop once into it. I also learned that
the act was facilitated by easy access to the internet and little or no parental control on its use. When it has reached the tertiary stage, one does not have control of himself any longer, arrives late to school or appointments, mood swings, continues stress, and fatigue just to name a few. It was really a good and educative article for me as a youth leader in
my community as I will use the ideas and knowledge gathered from the article to educate my fellow peers. This will go a long way to relieve that bondage by the act to once more see the light of day.

This is the end of speaking cue-card: (describe a movie that made you think a lot.)

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2 thoughts on “Describe a movie that made you think a lot.”

  • n past few years I have watched many movies of different types, but one movie is still in my memory which I watched about 2 months a theater in my city with my husband.

    This movie is based on a life of a poor boy who struggled to live alone after the death of his family by a natural disaster. He was around 8 year old at that time and he had no specific place to live and to sleep as well. He hasn’t had anything to eat most of the time and sleep in a park where sometimes the guards also ask to leave from there. The first part of the story shows such difficulties he face within his community of poor people and the second half shows how he struggle to find his needs within the larger community. In some parts he was treated by people less than the way how they treat a dog. The boy was always memorizing his past life with his family. Since every dark cloud has a slilver line, he was noticed by a wealthy, old man in the city and he helped the boy to live in his house. the rich person was shocked once he saw this boy cos he was just like his grandson who passed away from the same natural disaster. So, the man helped him for studies and provided everything belonging to his grandson to this boy and it made a turning point in the boy’s life. At the end of the story the boy was success with all aspects and he was the one who took care of the man till his death. The film was like a real story which we can see most of the time in the society how rich people treat poor people in both good and bad ways and how a person’s destiny would change at any time.

  • No doubt, some good movies really leave an impact on our minds. Here, I would like to talk about a Hindi language movie, which really impressed me.

    The name of movie is Ankho Dekhi, which means “Seeing with your Eyes” in English. This movie is about person, who during course of his life changed his all-earlier opinions about day-to-day matters and decided to become impartial.

    I watched this movie in my home through an online media some two years back, but I, still remember its plot very well.

    I really liked the movie’s script and acting of lead actor, which was so deep.

    This movie made me think that normally we as commoner believe each and everything as a fact of life, which we have been told by others from the past, for example, climate becomes cooler during winter, or fish can’t survive at ground. We see those facts as truth; however, we do not study these facts deeply and think why that happen

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