Describe a  popular product made in your region  

Describe a  popular product made in your region 

  • What it is, how it looks like
  • What is it used for
  • How is it made
  • Explain why your country makes it.

sample answer  1 :

1 What it is?

Our region is known for marketing goods and is famous for a product called Punjabi footwear made out of flower craft.This footwear is worn with suit salwar which is a typical Punjabi costume

2 What is it used for?

Actually this flower craft is not only used for footwears but it is also so used to design clothing. The finished product looks very beautiful as it is decorated with colorful flowers and shaped mirrors. costumes designed by this Phulkari work are often worn by Punjabi women On special occasions like weddings, Lohri, and Baisakhi celebrations.

3 Explain why your country makes it.

Now this product has reached the stores all over India. people of other states are admiring this footwear and are readily buying it because of its fascinating look. This is further spreading the culture of Punjab. Even many foreigners visiting Punjab, are reaching our hometown to know how it is made. Truly saying,it is not a new product. It was produced years ago by our ancestors and is still common in Punjab. It’s manufacturers are convinced by its increasing sales and publicity.

sample answer 2 :

1 What it is?

Travelers are always fond of exploring famous things in that particular place. Actually that things actually reciprocals some good and awesome things of that particular region. So here I would like to discuss one of my favorite and famous products in my hometown that is “chaniyacholi and kediyu”.

2 What is it used for

Both are the type of traditional clothes exploring the culture and tradition of Gujarat. Both the particulars are something which worn by girls and boys particulate as, Chania choli for girls and kediyu for boys.

3. how it is made :

Both are made by weaving it in cotton material and is engraved with artificial stars and soft cotton ball colored and made attractive to wear it, It is for some traditional functions like Navratri and Garba in a function where this is a sign of such festival or occasion. As Navratri is famous all over the world people used to have it from my city Ahmedabad as it has become a benchmark for such things. I and my friends also use to wear this on such occasion to enjoy a lot the time of happiness.

This is the end of speaking cue-card: (Describe a product made in the region you come from or a popular product from your hometown)

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2 thoughts on “Describe a  popular product made in your region  ”

  1. Well, I belong from India which is a diverse country. Also, India is famous for its unity in diversity. Different products are available in different regions in India which are popular between persons. So here I would like to talk about one of them. Actually These are Pashmina shawls. It is one of the popular products in my hometown. I describe it briefly.

    Pashmina is a popular type of wool. It is one of the main tradition of Ahmedabad. Interestingly, Its textiles are first woven in Kashmir. These shawls are made from a fine type of cashmere wool.

    In addition to it, after weaving Pashmina shawls, these are transported to the valley of Kashmir in northern India, where it is entirely hand processed.

    It includes all steps from combing and spinning, to weaving and finishing. To be honest, this work takes more time rather than other products. It is entirely carried out by hand by dedicated craftsmen and women.

    Apart from it, The major center of Pashmina fabric production is the old district of Srinagar. Surprisingly, it takes the time of 180 hours from its weaving to transporting.

    Moreover, Pashmina shovels come in beautiful vibrant colors and have exquisite embroidery on them.

    Actually, in the present scenario, I have been living in Punjab for the last 15 years. During the winter season in Punjab, shovel sellers come to Punjab in order to Pashmina shawls. Last year, I also bought a red-colored Pashmina shovel from a seller. I wore it to keep my body warm. Really, it prevented me from cold and chilly winds.

    I believe that pashmina shovels are the best option which can keep you warm and are also known for their softness. Overall, this is a famous product in India which I like to wear. When foreigners visit India, they also buy this type of products. So this is a popular product in my home town.

  2. Well,every state of my country is well known for its popular products.There are wide verities of products popular in my country such as traditional suit,footwear,handcraft and food items.But here i would like to talk about one such product,which is extremely famous in my region.It is punjabi jutti .It is also known as majori.Actually punjabi men and women like to wear this footwear with traditional suit.The main reason why i find it is really popular product of my country just because of its elegant and ethnic look .Moreover, this footwear came into existence several decade ago.Making punjabi jutti is not cup of tea for everyone .This traditional jutti made by expert workers in my town. They make it starting from scratch, by taking pure leather and then processing it .It is available with different size ,shape and colours and most eye catching feature is that it is decorated with beads and stones . In addition to this, traditional jutti is not only popular in Punjab but also nowadays it is popular in all over the world. I also have numerous pairs of this mojari for different occasion and i must say that these are highly comfortable, styling and durable . Last i can say that was the product which is famous in my country.


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