Describe a New Place That You Visited: Ielts Speaking Test

Describe a new place that you visited; you should say:

  • Where the new place is?
  • When did you go there?
  • Why did you go there?
  • And explain how you feel about the place?

Sample Answer of Describe a New Place That You Visited

Well, I love to visit a new place. I have visited many places in my life here. I would like to talk about one place I visited with my friend last year. Last year my friend and I decided to visit Dasaj village near my hometown it is 10 km far from my home. Ambaji mata temple in Dasaj village. My friend and I started our journey at 6 o’clock in the morning. We decided to went this temple by walk because one of my dreams was fulfilled. After 2 hours walk, we reached the temple. I showed a long line to pay obeisance after 1 hour finally. I paid obeisance after that; my friend and I went to the community kitchen and helped the other volunteers cook food for devotees. We enjoyed cooking with older people. Then, we took a cup of tea from the community hall and came back home. Honestly, speaking whenever I visit this place, I forget all my worries. This is a really beautiful place and also a peaceful place, so this is a place in Dasaj village where I visited.

Follow-ups of Describe a New Place That You Visited

Question 1:- what measures should be taken to deal with damage to public facilities?

Answer- In recent times government has taken many measures to prevent public facilities like running advertisements on tv or YouTube. Secondly some penalties for them damaging public facilities.

Question 2:- what are the differences between old facilities and new facilities?

Answer- many difference in old and new facilities old-time not have much public transport and today time all around the city all place covered with public transport another is public toilets old-time not have any public toilets nowadays every 2 km one public toilet in my city.

Question 3:- what facilities do young people and old people like in your country?

Answer- many facilities like old and young generation like public transport, public library and so on Most use and like facilities are public transport because petrol price is hike and they are very expensive to get petrol on own vehicle. That’s why all people prefer to travel by public transport.

Question 4:- what is the difference between facilities in the countryside and the ones in the cities?

Answer- many difference between village facilities and city facilities first of all transport facilities is big in the city but in the village is not much good. Secondly, road condition is poor in village or countryside area as compared to cities.

Question 5:- Which do you prefer living in a city or only visiting it as a tourist?

Answer- I prefer to live in the city because of all facilities available in the city area and also all the necessary things near my home this is the main reason I prefer to live in the city.

Question 6:- how do young and old people react differently to new things?

Answer- sometimes old people do not adopt new things as compared to young people, such as new technology, faster adopt young people compare to the old generation.

Question 7:- why do some people want to go to college far away from home?

Answer- many reasons behind this main reason is good and better education many students belong to countryside area in this area, not much good education for them that is the main reason for students to travel far from home for colleges or schools.

Question 8:- How do people get to know about new places?

Answer- many people show advertisements on television or in the newspaper today time. People know about a new place through the internet and social media.

Question 9:- what do old people and young people think about when making travel plans?

Answer- young people prefer some adventure places, and at that time old people prefer this place like religious places and some peaceful places.

Question 10:- do old people, and young people like to go to different places for vacation?

Answer- yes definitely old people and young people have different tastes for old travel people prefer some historical place and some peaceful place while young generation prefer some hill station and some amusement park.

Question 11:- What is a popular attraction that people like to visit in your country?

Answer- India is a religious place in; many religious places in India like the dominant temple, Akshardham, a statue of unity and so on. Many people visit these places during vacation.

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