Describe a Crime You Were Involved in

Describe a Crime You Were Involved in

  • When It Was?
  • What crime it was?
  • Why did you get involved?
  • How did you feel?

Sample Answer of Describe a Crime You Were Involved in

We are now in a world where the crime rate is increasing day in and day out. I have seen so many criminal cases that are so disheartening, but I have never been involved in any before, although I know of a secondary school classmate who had engaged in stealing before and was caught. The boy stole my calculator and gave it to another mate from another class. When I found out that I couldn’t find the calculator, I reported to the class representative, and he informed the class teacher about it. Therefore the teacher came to the class to announce the stolen property and asked everyone to look out for it unless the whole class had to contribute and buy another one, and apart from that, they will all be punished. So everyone was on their toe to find the missing calculator. During the break time, a girl from my class was gisting her friend from the other class about it and gave the description of the calculator, and the friend just told her that only a boy has that kind of calculator in their class and he just got it. While they were gisting, I overheard them because I was passing by. I informed my class captain about the guy that has the same calculator, not knowing that he would go and check it out. When he got to the guy, he just told him to lend him the calculator that he would return it soon, immediately he came to show me. At first, I didn’t want to check it because I felt it was not possible for someone from another class to come and steal a thing from mine, but my mind just told them to take it and check; I did, lo and behold, it was mine, and my name has been scrapped from it, but I recognized it because my initial was written in between the buttons, so if someone doesn’t look at it very well, you won’t know there is a name on it. When I saw it, I screamed and quickly ran to my class teacher. He invited the boy to his office and asked him where he got it, and he now said a boy from my class gave it to him because the boy borrowed a calculator from him and lost it. Therefore he gave him my calculator in return and told him that it belonged to his elder sister. The thief was invited as well, and he confessed that he stole it because he didn’t have money to buy another calculator for the boy, and he couldn’t tell his parents about it because they would punish him. He was beaten mercilessly for the crime, and for about a week, he couldn’t withstand my sight because he was shy. When he was punished, I really pitied him. I felt bad that I was the reason why he was being punished, but at the same time, I was happy I found my calculator.

Follow-ups of Describe a Crime You Were Involved in

Question 1:- Why do people commit crimes?

Answer- Some people commit crimes because they are just wicked and lack guilty conscience, while some do have some rational reasons like poverty and ignorance for committing the crime. For example, A woman went to steal rice in the market, and when she was caught, she said she did because her children did not have anything to eat. While some people pity her condition, others say she should have begged for it instead of stealing. Therefore, people either commit crimes because they are heartless, they are poor or have other reasons that make them see committing a crime as the only option.

Question 2:- What kind of punishment did people get, if they commit a crime?

Answer- Punishment depends on the severity of the crime committed. It ranges from imprisonment or death sentence to just paying a compensation fee. For example, A person that commits murder will be punished by either hanging or shooting to death. Juvenile delinquency like bullying could attract corporal punishment.

Question 3:- What is the contribution of society in making a person a culprit?

Answer- Society is really contributing positively to picking out offenders in the community. Some even take it serious to the extent of doing jungle justice not until the law was passed by the government to stop the act because innocent people are sometimes affected.

Question 4:- Have you ever witnessed any crime in your life?

Answer- I have witnessed so many crime scenes in this life. The one I can never forget is the robbery case that happened in my apartment. Some time ago, four robbers came to burgle my apartment at night, and they collected our phones and money. It was an unforgettable experience because my first ever phone was stolen, and I didn’t get a chance to have another until about three years after the incident.

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