Describe a Party You Attended During New Year’s Day

Describe a party you attended during New Year’s Day

  • Whose party was it?
  • Where was the party held, and who went to it?
  • What do people do during the party?

Sample: Describe a party you attended during New Year’s Day

Well, I am a partygoer, and I enjoy the most when there are lots of people in the party hall. Today, I would like to describe the party which was held on 31st December on new year occasion. One of my friends organized this party, yard Virk at the county’s Inn Hotel in the open area.

All the family members with his relatives, his school and college friends were invited. Eventually, his birthday was on the same day. That’s why he celebrated his birthday and New Year both together every year.

Moreover, every person looks beautiful in their attire. Also, There was a dress code for us. We wore black coat pants with a red tie and formal black shoes on that occasion. Not only were mouth-watering food items there, but a decent decoration with fresh flowers looked more attractive.

After he reached everybody in the hall, He cut the cake, which was distributed to everyone at the event. After that, we danced a lot to different kinds of Punjabi songs. Everybody at the party enjoyed the music and the delicious food.

There were more than 15 waitpersons to serve the meals and snacks, but some girls went to the stalls of food and enjoyed Golgappa and Pani Puri. Everyone took pictures with friends and family to make this moment memorable.

Finally, at 12, there were fireworks, and the sky looked so bright with different shades. At 2 a.m., the party was over, and we returned to our house. This party gave me heart-touching memories, and I will never forget that day.

Follow-up Questions: Describe a Party You Attended During New Year’s Day

Question 1: Do children like to party?

Answer:- Well, the adolescent period is that period when there is no fear about the future. Children entertain them by dancing, playing video games, and eating a variety of food. They are future citizens, so our responsibility is to provide them with a healthy environment where they create new things related to their hobbies and help them enhance their skills.

Question 2: Do adults like to party?

Answer:- Youngsters do part regularly whether they are busy or not. To some extent, it is right to have a party to refresh them and make them feel more energetic and confident about their performance in future events. I think They feel free, and it also helps to lessen the depression and anxiety due to their hectic schedule.

Question 3: Do you like loud music at parties?

Answer:- Not; prefer quietude music at the party and any event. Parties are to feel fresh, confident, comfortable, and more energized. Nevertheless, I feel uncomfortable and uneasy if there is loud music at a party. As a result, due to the loud noise, my headache has become started.

Question 4: What types of parties do people have?

Answer:- People have various parties such as birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, wedding reception, wedding anniversary parties, retirement parties, and other specific parties in their profession. Moreover, they also party when they get a promotion. Nowadays, for example, if someone buys a new car or motorbike, then they also organize a small party for friends and relatives.

Question 5: Why are parties important?

Answer:- As I said earlier, most pupils party to freshen their minds. Parties play a vital role in lessening depression and anxiety. They feel comfortable with their friends and families and spend quality time together. Also, they discuss various topics that are relevant to them in today’s world. Females are more talkative, so they discuss the costumes, makeup, and hairstyles of others.

Question 6: Do you think parties will become more popular in the future?

Answer:- In today’s world, there is a trend to organize a party when someone buys a new thing, even a new cell phone. Some people are partygoers, so they will enjoy every moment of the party. Nevertheless, on the other side, some individuals do not want to waste time, money, and energy on parties. It depends on the future situations, whether the parties are famous or not.

Question 7: Do people spend a lot of money on these parties in your country?

Answer:- Of course, people spend too much money, time, and energy on parties. In the past, there were little variations in snacks, meals, and drinks. However, in this advanced world, there is a tremendous amount of types of food and drinks. Also, the organizer pays attention to the decoration of the respective place. To impress society, people waste their valuable time and money on parties.

Question 8: What are the main reasons why people organize family parties in your country?

Answer:- Well, the first and foremost reason behind organizing the party is to spend quality time with their friends, family members, and relatives. For example, people organize grand wedding ceremonies to collaborate with their near and dear ones in one place. Moreover, some events are organized to impress society and show their high living level.

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