Describe a Performance You Enjoyed Watching

Describe a performance you enjoyed watching. You should say:

  • What the performance was?
  • When and where do you watch the performance?
  • Who was performing (or who performed)?
  • And explain why you enjoyed the performance.

Sample Answer of Describe a Performance You Enjoyed Watching

I like watching reality shows on TV, and certainly, I have one favourite dance cum singer, Vinay, who appears as a judge in reality shows. Being a great fan, I always wanted to see him personally, and I keep following him on social media. In 2018, my wish came true to see him on stage performing in our city.

I was surprised to get the news. I booked the tickets for the show and got there on time. He is very well-known as the best rapper and composer. He even was considered as best choreographer. He was even nominated and awarded a grammy for singing and best dancer by dance India dance.

The performance was all about his life. The way he elaborated everything under a song of 4 mins, and that too with beautiful dance steps left everyone speechless and astonished. The act created such a great inspirational impact on all who came to watch the show.

Somehow he was clearly stating a massage not to give up no matter what it takes to go get your dream. Their struggle showed that attitude towards your goal should be positive and why to go get attitude is so important.

The performance hit my heart because even though I feel low and demotivated sometimes when I don’t achieve my targets, I was relating to everything a song was trying to say. I enjoyed the performance a lot, and it was probably the best time to date.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Performance You Enjoyed Watching

Question 1. Do you think traditional performances are important?

Answer – Traditional performances, whether it’s dance or a local speech to deliver or any song to sing, will tell you more about the culture, and it is good to be part of an audience.

Question 2. Is Learning Drama or Dance Good for Children?

Answer – It is good for children. It teaches a lot about emotion and the play of actors. However, it is still an individual choice to make, but even children who are interested in acting parent can recognise skills at an early stage which will be beneficial to the child.

Question 3. Is learning drama or dancing helpful for kids?

Answer – Yes, the drama will help them know about acts and emotions, as said earlier, and dance will keep them fit, even showing gymnastics skills. It also increases immunity in kids. If they want to compete in future, they can easily do so. However, not only do drama or dance activities have their benefits for kids.

Question 4. Should Government Provide Financial Support to Traditional Performances?

Answer – Yes, and in some places, it does support the government, have started to give financial support to many communities to represent culture on an international level. E.g. Punjab is supported with funds by the government to show dance bhangra in the USA. All act by the government gives extra support to the team and motivates other to participate.

Question 5. What do you think is the difference between watching a live performance and watching it on TV?

Answer – Yes, it matters, and it makes a difference between watching live and watching on TV. Firstly, you don’t experience AD on live performance, which is frequent on tv and annoying too. Secondly, they cheer up the audience and lastly, the sound and performer to makes you groove along with him.

Question 6. How do you think watching a dance performance or a stage play influences children?

Answer – The majority of children nowadays want to be famous overnight. They get a lot of influence from famous dance performances. Well, some are like, yes, I want to do it, and they actually try and peruse on the same at a very young age. However, this also has demerits since the performance shouldn’t be abused.

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