Describe a Person Who Solved a Problem in An Intelligent Way

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Describe a Person Who Solved a Problem in An Intelligent Way.

Describe a person who intelligently solved a problem. You should say

  • Who is this person?
  • What was the problem?
  • How did they solve it?
  • And explain why you think they did it intelligently.

Sample Answer of Describe a Person Who Solved a Problem in An Intelligent Way

My life has many problems, and most issues are sorted out. But I remember that one situation was complicated for me, which was solved by my friend Kushal. I was preparing for the final exam.

When I was in the last year of my BCA, so that time, one program was complicated for me, and I tried my best to find errors in the program, but I could not see them. Then I call you my friend Kushal. He is good at programming.

Checked all program-solved errors. And he is said to be a semicolon mistake in the third line. It was a tiny mistake, so I didn’t easily catch it. My friend smartly solved this problem because he is delicate enough without a compiled program, so I am thrilled.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Person Who Solved a Problem in An Intelligent Way

Question 1:- Do you think children are born intelligent, or do they learn to become competent?

Answer – Yes, all children are born brilliant, but then, parents’ role is vital in their life because parents are crucial to learning things. For example, nowadays, children are brilliant from birth because of teaching methods and intelligence.

Question 2:- How do children become smart at school?

Answer – Well, children are bright at school. Firstly systematically teaching different kinds of things. Secondly, all the busy tools are available in school, and kids are especially attracted to different colours than some tools are getting knowledge about colour in all the tools to have specific things to children learn in school.

Question 3:- Why are some people well-rounded and others only good at one thing?

Answer – Some people are well-rounded because they like to gain different kinds of knowledge. That kind of person goes outside their comfort level and learns new things. Secondly, other people are good at one thing because they have only focused on one thing since birth.

Question 4:- Why does modern society need talent of all kinds?

Answer – Modern society needs all kinds of talent because when one person can play a role in a different position, they are affordable for the company. For example, in an IT company, people learn 2 to 3 programming languages for a higher salary and work in the short term.

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