Describe a Person Who You Think Wear Unusual Clothes

Describe a person who you think wear unusual clothes

  • Who this person is
  • how you knew this person
  • what his/her clothes are like
  • Why do you his or her clothes are unusual?

Sample Answer of Describe, a Person Who You Think to Wear Unusual Clothes

The first thing that comes into my head was when I was younger in our family we used to watch a lot of South African movies on Tv, and the people never wear dress properly moreover they usually wear only just a tiny piece of clothes to cover them up. It was embarrassing to see at first, but it was quite captivating their comedian series and all.

So, we usually watch them in episodes daily till they end up. Their dress is unusual. It can be probably because the humans who are living there are doubtlessly uneducated. Furthermore, a handful of persons are illiterate, and they live in a jungle as well, that is the reason I suppose. Especially their female does not wear a dress at all after they got married for them it might be fine but for the other humans who never stay like that if we see such those kind of people it will absolutely amaze for us as proof their living conditions for most of them are like wearing only small shorts of clothes. Nonetheless, their lifestyle and habits are obviously different from alternative and it precisely convenient for them just to put on whatever they received for the sake of they really do not have a shop to purchase clothes and absolutely not captivating them at all if others wear .when they see it also considering that they are quite exclusive and marvellous.

Follow-ups Describe a Person Who You Think to Wear Unusual Clothes.

Question 1 Where do people normally buy clothes?

Answer –  In my opinion, people have normally purchased dresses from local clothes which have a brand but a cheaper one as far as I can see most of the people are prefer to buy like-kind dress f they are not wealthy. While if the person is rich, they can literally spend an extravagant to buy clothes in a high brand new shop it depends on them I believe.

Question 2 The difference between man and women choice of clothes?

Answer –  In my point of view women choices of clothes are precisely expensive than men Since. As we know, girls are literally fussy in their choices of things. They desire to have most of the unique designs on them. Sometimes they are fond of having the same dress in different colours and styles are genuinely higher than men cause men are steadily happy in just one suit and cheaper also they do not usually have any problem. Furthermore, if they have costly clothes, also they can undoubtedly be satisfied in that rather than to collect a handful of wardrobe.

Question 3 Do clothes affect people moods?

Answer – I suppose it will presumably affect if we wear uncomfortable clothes outside we wouldn’t happy or enjoy well like the way we tried to. Even if we do not show outside, also it can lead to intrinsically insecure in ourselves nevertheless if the dress is not completely comfortable. Basically, We will think about only removing it faster and wear other dresses.

Question 4 What do people consider when buying clothes?

Answer – I am inclined to say people love to purchase clothes which are comfortable and good fabric, those dresses which have a distinctive design on and fewer prices. I am actually not much clue up with that what a wide range of individual would prefer, but I consider a multitude of people love clothes which first appealed at them, and they constantly desire to have it.

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