Describe a pet or an animal common in your country.

Describe a pet or an animal common in your country

Describe a pet or an animal common in your country.

  • what it is
  • describe it briefly
  • why you like/ dislike the pet or animal
  • and describe something interesting about this pet or animal you know about.

Describe a pet or an animal common in your country.

Thanks to give me such an interesting cue card topic. There are number of animals and birds that is kept by people in India. But the Dag is highly popular pet than all of it. I would like to describe briefly on this animal.

Dog is the animal who that is so brave for his owner. It has also feelings like human beings. A dog is the best friend of a person because it takes care of a person’s house more than a security guard and also help his owner to remove stress by playing and showing affection to him.


There are number of breeding of Dog in this world. But some of these are much popular like German shaved, lebray, pug, saint barnad etc. I love the breeding Pit bull the most. It is a fighter type dog and strong than all the breeding of Dog. It is much dangerous. Once it bites anyone, it becomes difficult to get rid of his attack. Nowadays, it has become so popular in Punjab.

The main thing I like the most in this type of dog is that no thief can come to your home if you own this breeding. In this sophisticated world, only a dog can be your best friend on whom you can believe and spend your leisure time to remove stress.

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