Describe a Famous Library in Your Country IELTS Cue Cards

Describe a famous library in your country IELTS cue cards

  • What it is?
  • Where it is?
  • How large it is?
  • and explain why it is a famous library in your country.  

A library is a place where everyone can gain the advantage of expanding their knowledge beyond their expectations. It is crucial for making society more literate. The better the library a city has, the more educated people it will have. I would like to talk about the library situated in our city.

It is located near the government school of our city 🏫. The name of this library is dedicated to the freedom fighter, named Bhagat Singh Library 📚. It is large, housing books from every author imaginable.

Built by the municipal society of our city, its building spans 15,000 sq. ft. It’s so spacious that more than 100 people can sit and read their books at the same time 📖.

People from other countries also visit, drawn by the desire to read knowledgeable books. This is because there is no other library in our state that has such a vast collection of books.

Furthermore, it is well maintained by the municipal department, making it a beloved spot for people to spend their leisure time and read valuable books 🛋️. Thanks to this library, a lot of visitors come to our city, significantly boosting our city’s economic situation 💹.

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In conclusion, I just want to say that this library has given people an opportunity to expand their knowledge and has made society more educated and disciplined.

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