Describe a Piece of News Affected the Most

Describe a piece of news affected the most. You should say:

  • what it was about?
  • when you heard/ read about it?
  • what the story was?
  • And explain why it was affected you?

Sample Answer of Describe a Piece of News Affected the Most

Well, I currently am working in a hotel, and I did my graduation in hotel management in 2015 and now am going to tell you about an incident that impacted me a lot in my professional career. So during my last year of on-campus graduation placement was started and then I came to know that my dream hotel was about to come in our premises,

So I practised a lot to crack the interview, and on the day of the interview, I was well prepared, but in the evening I came to know that I got rejected in the final round due to lack of technical knowledge although my communication skill was fine. Later I got upset and wondering that where should I lack and how can I improve so that in future, I would get what I desired. And after I improved my weakness and on next weak, I got placed in another hotel. But after a couple of years,

I gave an Interview in the same hotel which I got rejected earlier and now this time I selected with a good position. Overall this rejection taught me a lot, like always be positive and never give up until and unless you achieve the target.

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