Describe a Place in Another Country Where You Would Like to Work

Describe a place in another country where you would like to work

  • Where you would like to work?
  • What kind of work/job you would like to have there?
  • When you would like to go?
  • and explain why you want to work in that place.

Every person has a wish to work in a developed country where he can get a chance to prove himself and succeed in his life 🌍.

I also love to work outside my country. I have many preferences for countries, but Canada stands above all for many reasons 🍁. I would like to talk about it briefly.

Canada is the most advanced country in our world 🌐. It has been rapidly growing for many years and has already surpassed many developing countries in various fields such as technology, economy, etc. The economic disparity between India and Canada is vast 💹.

Also, in Canada, there are so many people who are renowned worldwide 🌟. I think by working there, I will get a chance to understand the way in which they did their hard work.

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I would like to work there as an architect because by doing this, I will get a chance to learn about the latest designs and software used in creating new designs for big shopping malls, hospitals, and colleges 🏢.

I have already started planning to move there and get an education in this field so that I can gain comprehensive knowledge from the beginning. Studying there is the initial step of my career 🎓.

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