Describe a Place You Visited ( Not Your Hometown ) that You Recommended Others to Live In

Describe a place you visited ( Not Your Hometown ) That you recommended others to live in

  • where the site is.
  • How do you get there?
  • What does it look like?
  • And explain why you like this place and often go there.

Sample Answer of Describe a Place You Visited ( Not Your Hometown ) that You Recommended Others to Live In

I like to visit Ramoji science centre Nagpur. It is located in Medical square. The name itself is a self-declaration of what kind of place it is. It is a science park. Many scientific technologies are put there for display.

The ticket cost varies according to the number of shows one wants to attend. There are three shows in total. The first is a planetary show, where one can see a big 3d sun, and the anchor describes different planets in the background.

The 2nd show shows a 3d performance, where you can see many fascinating animals. The 3rd show is about the evolution of the earth. Many science exhibitions are organised here where students from schools and colleges participate.

I love to visit during the exhibition as we can see both exhibitions and shows at that time. There is a small garden as well. One can also sit in the park if he wants to spend some alone time.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Place You Visited ( Not Your Hometown ) that You Recommended Others to Live In

Question 1:- What type of apartment do most people in your country like to live in?

Answer – Most people love to live in apartments with a society consisting of a garden, playground, temple and swimming pool. And if there is a school, store, market and office nearby, it is like icing over the cake.

Question 2:- Do people in your country like to invite others as guests?

Answer – Yes, people like to invite others as a guest. In India, there is a saying that guests are like gods. We should treat guests respectfully. People love to mingle with guests, share their thoughts and discuss societal issues.

Question 3:- Do people take gifts when they visit each other?

Answer – It is common in India to present gifts while visiting one’s home. It is like a culture in India. Especially if one is visiting a house with kids, one carries some presents for the children.

Question 4:- What is the difference between the houses in the city centre and the suburbs?

Answer – Homes in cities are crowded. However, houses in the suburbs have quite good spaces between them. In former dwellings are large and garden as small, whereas, in the suburbs, people are fond of keeping gardens larger than the house.

Question 5:- What facilities do young and older adults like in your country?

Answer – Older adults and small kids are happy with the bus’s free ticketing system. They don’t need to pay a single money while travelling by bus. Kids below five years of age don’t need to pay for any travel.

Question 6:- What is the difference between the countryside and the cities’ facilities?

Answer – In the countryside, there are not many facilities. Like some public libraries, gardens are present in cities, but there is no such facility in the village. More prominent hospitals as well are not present in the town.

Question 7:- Which do you prefer to live in a city or visit as a tourist?

Answer – I love to live in the city more than in the countryside, not only because of the many facilities but also because, to date, many old customs are followed in the village. People still believe in ancient rituals. People love to gossip about others’ life more. Hence I love to live in the city.

Question 8:- Why do some people want to go to college far away from home?

Answer – People want to experience a different life than they have lived. They believe living in another city might be more enjoyable than in their hometown. They won’t have to keep things in check with their parents.

Question 9:- How do people get to know about new places?

Answer – Generally, people know about a new place through friends, colleagues and neighbours. When someone travels, they generally share their experience. Sometimes we also get to know about a new home through advertisements.

Question 10:- What is a popular attraction that people like to visit in your country?

Answer – People like to visit Temples as India is famous for Hinduism. Hindus have 36 crores of Gods. Many famous temples are here, like the golden temple, Vaishnavi mata etc. People from far come to visit these temples and to learn about Hindi mythologies.

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