Describe A Plan In Your Life That Is Not Related To Work Or Study

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Describe a plan in your life that is not related to work or study

Describe a plan in your life that is not related to work or study. You should say

  • What it is about?
  • Why did you make this plan?
  • What do you need to do first?
  • And explain how you would feel if it is successful.

Sample Answer of Describe A Plan In Your Life That Is Not Related To Work Or Study

I have made many plans in my life that are all related to my work and study, but here I would like to talk about one plan that is unrelated to my study or work. My plan is to learn the Korean language.

I know Hindi, Gujarati and English, but I want to add another language, and the language that I have in my mind is Korean. It is a very beautiful language, and nowadays, people want to learn various languages to communicate with each other.

First of all, to learn a new language, I started to communicate in the Korean language and did some research related to that language, and also a few accessible apps downloaded, such as the Duolingo app.

Moreover, I have watched a couple of movies in Korean with English subtitles, and I like those movies a lot. Knowing a foreign language is the most important thing to do well in today’s global village of today So, this is the plan I have that is not related to my work or study.

Part 3 Questions Describe A Plan In Your Life That Is Not Related To Work Or Study

Question 1:- Do you think it is important for a person to have a career plan?

Answer – Yes, it is definitely imperative for a person to have a career plan because, with a career plan, they become active.

Question 2:- How do most people plan their future education and their future career?

Answer –Most people plan their future education after taking someone’s advice as well as after doing some research on the internet. They get valuable information, and then they decide on their future career.

Question 3:- Do you think it’s important to include the factor of one’s salary in a career plan?

Answer –Yes, it is imperative to consider one salary from the family because nowadays, education has become more costly than Yester years because the material of books and other things such as reference books are very costly.

Question 4:- Do you think planning is important or is it a waste of time?

Answer –Planning is essential to save time because, without planning, people can’t understand what they should do, and in thinking, they lose their precious time.

Question 5:- What kinds of personal plans should people make for themselves?

Answer –There are a plethora of plants people should take by themselves, such as food choice, clothes choice and many more.

Question 6:- For a person with children, what influence does this have on their personal plans for the future?

Answer –When a person has children, all people put their plans aside to bring the child and educate their children, feed their families, etc.

Question 7:- Should parents set goals for children?

Answer –Many parents said goals for their children, such as Which time they should play, which program they should watch, etc.

Question 8:- When do young children start to set goals for themselves?

Answer –Young children start to set goals for themselves after completing secondary school because when they have to decide which college to join, and also they understand what is good for them etc.

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