Describe a Problem That Affects the Environment in the Area Where You Live

Describe a Problem That Affects the Environment in the Area Where You Live; You should say

  • what the problem is
  • what causes it
  • what people feel about the problem
  • and explain what you think could be done to solve it.

Describe a Problem That Affects the Environment in the Area Where You Live

Well, I live in a society that was once a place with an award for its cleanliness. But, now my living area is facing great trouble that is a stigma on the fair name of my city. Here, I would like to speak about a problem, which my city people are confronting and the problem is related to garbage. Before this problem, everything was running smoothly, but it has gone one month that people have to throw trash on the road or at the vacant place. It’s challenging for the people to move freely in the morning as well as in the evening because a foul smell comes out of this garbage and there is a pile of rubble. People can’t be blamed for the whole situation because people have no alternative. The local council is making the situation more dangerous for the people because people are experiencing some ailments like they are getting infections due to breeding mosquitoes, and this is making the ambience unpleasant. People can’t take a breath in the open air, so immediate action has been taken by my local people, and they approached the local council to do something. Now it is expected from the government to appoint a sweeper, and regularly trashes must be picked up from the place where these are thrown.

Follow-ups Describe a Problem That Affects the Environment in the Area Where You Live.

Question 1. Tell me, what do you think are the most significant problems your country is facing at present?

Answer – At present, my country is facing global warming, making the environment inappropriate for people to live in. Moreover, traffic congestion is also experienced by my country because people are extensively buying new motor vehicles. In this way, places have been created to park these, and the vast area of nature is being cut.

Question 2. Do you think things are likely to get better or worse in the future?

Answer – Well, things are getting worse in the future because after getting aware of the environmental hazards, people are doing nothing. They seek their comfort. They use more air conditioners in their homes, and to make their travel hassle-free, they use individual vehicles. Although they are aware of carbon emission, they are still making the situation deteriorate by doing human activities. Moreover, they burn plastics although they know that it is harmful to the environment. Still, they do. So the problem will be worst.

Question 3. And what has been done so far to solve these problems?

Answer – Campaigning, rallies are running to make this problem solve. Moreover, many famous talk shows are organised to create awareness among people to stop their inhuman activities. Besides, multimedia also creates a lot of understanding among people to make their environment suitable for a good living.

Question 4. How successful would you say these measures have been?

Answer – I consider that these measures are successful. Despite these efforts, people are still enhancing their carbon emissions. They are using many vehicles on the road, and burning plastic is common in some places; even shopkeepers don’t use paper bags, and they use plastics to deliver the goods that people ask from them.

Question 5.Is what you are going to study likely to be of any use to solve these problems?

Answer – I would like to help the internet to make people aware of their terrible activities. Moreover, if there would be a chance to participate in fieldwork, I would like to go for a demonstration like if the burning plastic and show them how these can deteriorate the quality of air and make it challenging to take a breath in that ambience.

Question 6. Should countries try to solve the climate change problems together or individually? Why?

Answer – Well, countries must support each other to combat climate problems. Global warming is not a problem for one nation. It is a problem that is experienced by the whole country. So supporting financially as well as providing equipment to each other to handle environmental issues can work a lot to sort these problems.

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