Describe Something that You Have Shared with Others

Describe something that you have shared with others (or another person). You should say:

what you shared?
Who you shared it with?
Why you shared it?
And explain how you felt about sharing it?

I have shared colour pencils with my sister and her friends. It was a school competition. They had forgotten to bring theirs and was a single team. At first, I didn’t give because that would mean one less competitor for me. However, I did feel bad and shared. I was feeling a sense of happiness after that. Imagine my surprise when I came to know they had won a consolation prize. They had also become friends with me and even got chocolate as a way of gratitude. It touched my heart to do something straightforward and genuinely happy for the new friendship that I have made.


Question1. Why do people like to share things with others?

Answer – I think it’s always more fun to share.

Question2. Is it good to share your personal things with others?

Answer – Yes, only if we share can we create our own bonding. We as kids may not be lucky enough to feel entitled to have our things at all times in life.

Question3. Have you ever shared your personal details with your friends?

Answer – Yes, though I wouldn’t say much. My closest of friends would know everything. We usually hang out for stayovers and all making it impossible to share our friendship without that.

Question4. Can we share our mobile with others?? Why or why not?

Answer – I personally don’t mind sharing my mobile. If the people who take the phone are people, you know. If that’s not the case, I would suggest not taking unnecessary advantage of any messages or pictures.

Question5. How can parents teach sharing to their children?

Answer – They can teach sharing by making kids understand early on in their life that they will get anything like chocolate or ice cream only if they share with their siblings. That trick has always worked in my family.

Question6. Do young ones like to share their personal things in your area

Answer – They are most reluctant when it comes to their personal favourite doll or so, but I m sure they will evolve, and they will understand the importance of sharing when they cross the childhood stages

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