Describe a Quiet Place that You Like to Go To: Recent Speaking Test

Describe a quiet place that you like to go to

  • Where it is?
  • How do you know it?
  • How often do you go there?
  • What do you do there?
  • And explain why you like the place.

Sample Answer of Describe a Quiet Place that You Like to Go To

There are a plethora of quiet places located in my hometown where I live now, such as gardens, parks, historical places, as well as religious places, like temples, churches and so on.

But here, I would like to talk about one place where I really like to spend my quality time with a lot of peace, and it is none other than a temple of my village.

Every weekend, I go there to spend quality time with elderly people as well as children who are already present there in the Temple. I know about this Temple because it is located in my hometown and it is only 2 km far away from my home.

Not only that, when I go there, I do many activities, like feeding manure or water to plants in the Garden and praying to God and taking blessings from God and Goddesses.

If I get more time, I prefer to talk with older people and kids who already play there with their friends. And mostly I like that place because of the peaceful and calm environment with lots of greenery, and I personally like the Temple of my village because it is one of my favourite quiet places where I often go on weekends.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Quiet Place that You Like to Go To

Question 1:- Is it hard to find quiet places in cities?

Answer – Yes, it is very difficult for anyone to find quiet places in cities because the noise of vehicles and other voices is at its peak.

Question 2:- Why is it quieter in the countryside?

Answer – Mostly the countryside is much quieter than the cities because in the countryside there are a plethora of trees available and mostly trees consume the voice of vehicles and not only that, but in the countryside, most people prefer walking for short distances rather than vehicles.

Question 3:- Why do people go to quiet places?

Answer – Nowadays, most people go to quiet places such as gardens, parks, temples and other religious places because they get inner peace as well as calmness in that type of place.

Question 4:- Compared with young people, do old people prefer to live in quiet places?

Answer –Yes, most older people like to live in quiet places where they get a peaceful environment, such as guidance temples, churches etc.

Question 5:- Why do some people not like quiet places?

Answer –Few people really don’t like quiet places because, without a voice, they feel frustrated and fill empty in their life without a voice.

Question 6:- Do you know other quiet places?

Answer –Yes I know many quiet places in my village such as hospitals, Gardens, temples, farms etc.

Question 7:- Do you need a quiet place when you are working?

Answer –Yes, whenever I do work at that time, I need a quiet place to focus on my work to get a 100% result.

Question 8:- Why do people like to spend time in quiet places?

Answer –People like to spend time in quiet places because whenever they spend their quality time in quiet places, they get peace of mind and a peaceful environment that help them to rejuvenate their mind.

Question 9:- Do you know anyone who likes noise?

Answer –Yes, a few of my friends like noise; for example, all the time they prefer a high beat of music as well as sometimes they like vehicle noise. Like, train.

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