Describe a Day Out That Did Not Cost a Lot: Recent Speaking test

Describe a Day out that did not cost a lot

  • What was the occasion?
  • Where do you go?
  • Who did you celebrate with?
  • Why didn’t it cost you much?

Sample Answer of Describe a Day Out That Did Not Cost a Lot

Today I will talk about an event when I didn’t spend a lot of money on a special occasion. So last year, one of our favourite teachers was moving to another city for a better job and salary.

It was heartbreaking for all of us, but we decided to organise a farewell party for our teacher. We organised this party on a teacher’s day. Thus, the best part of that event was that the cafe owner gave us a special discount on a teacher’s day for our teacher event.

It was not expensive because all the money was collected from each student, and the teachers contributed a large part of the money. So on that day, we finally reached there. They welcomed us with a smile and soft drinks.

The view from the cafe was really breathtaking for us. They really decorated the cafe with really good decorations. We ordered some snacks like money bags and coffee crunchies. For starters, we ordered yellow curry with rice. After eating that food, we felt over the moon because all the food was outstanding.

Furthermore, after some time, we did a cutting ceremony and enjoyed dancing with the teacher. Last but not least, we also gave a Kindle device to our tutor as a gift because our teacher is a bookworm person. He loves to read books in his spare time.

Thus, after receiving that gift, our teacher was on cloud 9. So this was when I enjoyed it a lot with my friends and teacher without spending a huge amount of money.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Day Out That Did Not Cost a Lot

Question 1:- Do teenagers spend much more money than before?

Answer – Yes I believe nowadays children are spending more money as compared to the past may, be due to some reason first of all parents are giving more pocket money to their child apart from that, the availability of food and products is more as compared to pass for example fast food stalls are available in every nook and corner of the street.

Question 2:- How can people save as much money as possible?

Answer –In this model era, people can save money in many ways. FirstFirst, they can open a savings account in their bank so they can regulatorily submit a small amount of money in that account. Moreover, they can purchase any property or land in their local areas.

Question 3:- Did you ever have a bad shopping experience?

Answer – I had a bad shopping experience a few years ago. I wanted to buy shoes of pair, so I went to one of the soap in my local area to purchase new shoes, and they showed me experience shoes and said to me, these are our best quality shoes, so I purchased those shoes, but unfortunately, I had to face some problem on that shoes that time I felt disappointed with that shopkeeper service.

Question 4:- Do you think you can buy something from a physical store without money?

Answer – Yes, we can do that, especially in India. For instance, we buy some products from our local shops on loans. Apart from that, we can also buy products with the help of credit cards without giving single money at that time.

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