Describe a school you went to in your childhood

Describe a school you went to in your childhood

You should say:

  1. Where it was
  2. 2 What it was like
  3. What you learned there

And explain how you felt about it.

1 Where it was

When I was attending school, I didn’t really know very much about how a school should have been. But, one thing is for sure that I really liked going to my elementary school as a child. So, I guess, I am going to go ahead and talk about my elementary school which I last attended about 20 years ago.

This elementary school, I attended, wasn’t exactly a very big school since it was located in a rather small town that didn’t probably have more than 15 or 20 thousand population. Back then, my whole family was living there since that was where my father’s job site was.

2 What it was like

Anyway, even though it was a rather old school (from someone, back then, I heard that some famous landlord built that school on his private property about 150 years ago), it surprisingly looked very well-maintained. Of course, there were some cracks here and there on its buildings, but it still looked great in some vibrant light yellow color. The school had about 7 or 8 buildings if I remember correctly, but they all were designed and lined in such a beautiful manner that they together formed a shape of half-moon crescent from a distance. Besides, the school also had a large pond with clear water in front of it, and a moderately large empty space which occasionally was used as a football stadium by us.

3 What you learned there

The teachers of the school were very friendly and passionate about teaching. By the way, our school had a dress code, but our good teachers would never admonish us for failing to stick with it. Most of our teachers were young in age, so it was really easy for us to relate to them.

Anyway, I really enjoyed my time in this elementary school, primarily because it had a rather laid-back and relaxed environment. Besides, since the school had a relatively small number of students, we all were like a family, and we pretty much all knew each other. What I also loved about the school the most is that the teachers there would make our lessons very interesting and enjoyable.


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